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After The Proposal

Posted January 2, 2014 by in Drama
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SYNOPSIS: The meddling mother of three unmarried daughters puts immense pressure on them to find husbands. When a suitor does finally propose to the oldest daughter it looks like the families unreasonable demands are to drive him away.
Parts/Divisions: The movie, after the proposal, has only one part
Memorable Lines/Scenes: "As for me na Dominican I go marry o. They no get bride price. Girl for free. Osho free"
Cast: Uche Jombo, Patience Ozokwor, Anthony Monjaro, Theresa Edem, Belinda Effah, Desmond Elliot, Keira Hewatch


Raises a valid social issue

There is a comment on a review of one of the many Uche Jombo movies on NR and it states – and I paraphrase – that the great thing about watching Uche Jombo movies is the security. Going in, you don’t have to worry about a rehashed storyline, a wishy-washy cast or a purposeless film. There is […]

by Nollywood REinvented
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There is a comment on a review of one of the many Uche Jombo movies on NR and it states – and I paraphrase – that the great thing about watching Uche Jombo movies is the security. Going in, you don’t have to worry about a rehashed storyline, a wishy-washy cast or a purposeless film. There is always a moral, always a purpose and it’s almost always presented with at least the most basic degree of professionalism class.

After the proposal is a story that starts off with a concept that most young spinsters in Nigeria are more than familiar with, the age old “when will you get married” question. The movie starts off with a bang with a comical scene involving Uche’s character and her mother played by Patience Ozokwor. Now, when Patience Ozokwor plays your mother two things are certain, your life will be a living hell but at least it will be a ‘funny’ living hell.

After the initial scene, I popped my popcorn, cracked open the – well, whatever you’d like to think I cracked open is fine – and got ready for a great ride. However, a couple minutes into the movie, Uche’s suitor popped the question and it got real. Thus began the “after the proposal” portion of the movie. For me, in that part it was simply a cyclical redundant mess that I could neither relate to nor did I wish to relate to.

It presented a young suitor who was ready and willing to marry his bride except for the impediment of a long list of items – the brideprice – which he is to present before the marriage. My initial thoughts were “screw it. Get a court wedding. Get her pregnant and then bring her back home and let her folks know. Watch that list come apart faster than the Titanic”. Those were my initial thoughts. 30 minutes into the whole fiasco, those were still my thoughts. I didn’t see the point and as I couldn’t sympathize the movie became a bit tedious for me.

And then halfway through comes the added drama of ‘the boss’ played by Keira Hewatch – who might I add has never looked as good behind the camera as she did in this movie; seeing her alone is reason enough to watch this movie . This new addition was just another extension to my far stretched frustration at the entire thing.

Be that as it may, I think the purpose of the movie is to convey the frustration brought about by this whole ‘bride price’ phenomenon. But if you are like me then the tediousness of the entire thing would serve as a deterrent.

Having said that, after the proposal does raise a valid societal issue with the backing of a strong cast. Patience and Uche were simply magnificent. I might also suffer a harsh fate if I didn’t mention Theresa Edem who played the middle sister so fantastically well. Her role didn’t require much exertion but I’m really looking forward to seeing her in a more substantial role. Anthony Monjaro soared as the fiance in a dilemma, but for me Belinda Effah was not believable at all.After The Proposal, 9.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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    I’ll still look out for this movie, uche is really magnificent like u said!

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    i loved the movie. It was well acted out and directed. I’m impressed by the directing by Desmond who did not let the disgruntled jabs of naysayers who dogged his every step at the beginning of his directing career, cram his style but persevered and improved with each movie. The movie was penned by Uduak Oguamanam who has a knack of selecting simple everyday stories and presenting them with a moral to the public, I see that trend from Okon lagos to Desperate Housegirls and now After the proposal. Uche Jombo was great in this movie because she was well casted, the role suited her. She was not trying to pretend to be a rich man’s daughter trying to speak Queen’s English. Here she was natural. I loved Belinda Effah in the movie! She was perfect as the annoying little sister but she had her deep moments too. Mama G was a Class act. So was Monjaro & Keira hewatch. Overal a very enjoyable film. Highly entertaining! Well done.

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    I love this movie…uche jombo makes realistic Nigerian stories…good work on this with her team…ibo girls will so love this lol , uncles you never knew you had till bride price good job

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