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Synopsis: After a heart breaking disappointment, Elvin decided that life is no longer worth the salt. He goes on a worldwide rampage, seeking revenge on every and any woman that falls victim to his sweet tongue…. Nemesis however has a way of catching up with people as the hunter has become the hunted…. Would karma always catch up with us?
Parts/Divisions: The movie, "Unguarded", has only one part: Unguarded part 1
Memorable Lines/Scenes: "See no one likes cynical articles, not even cynics" - Chet Anekwe
Cast: Chet Anekwe, Chisom Oz-Lee, Desmond Elliot, Ramsey Nouah, Sarah Box, Uche Jombo, Esosa Edosomwan, Ebbey Bassey


It's not as bad as I thought it would be


It's still not great

There are trailers you see and you are certain that you will not be watching that movie, for me this was one of them. Unfortunately, decisions about whether or not I will be watching those movies are not entirely in my hands so I did end up watching it. In the end, “unguarded” was not […]

by Nollywood REinvented
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There are trailers you see and you are certain that you will not be watching that movie, for me this was one of them. Unfortunately, decisions about whether or not I will be watching those movies are not entirely in my hands so I did end up watching it. In the end, “unguarded” was not half as bad as I thought it would be… at least for a Nollywood in USA flick.

Now this is why it was not half as bad, there was a story – it was cognitive, there were people in the movie – they are called actors, and there was an end – it made sense. Now was that story new, insightful or immensely entertaining? Not really. Were these people called ‘actors’ doing much acting? No, not really. And was the end anything other than what was expected? Again, not really.

Unguarded tells the story of a young man who is so beaten by his past heartbreak that he ‘supposedly’ goes around the world breaking the hearts of different girls from different ethnicities. By the way, if you ask me from the way it was rendered I’d just say he went down the streets of LA. He had a Jamaican, Indian, Hispanic, White, Black and African ex, and if you’ve ever been on public transit in LA you know you can cast for all that in one trip – but I digress.

He is very comfortable in his newly attained glorified role as a casanova until he meets this one girl, played by Uche Jombo. The casanova obviously is played by Ramsey Nouah, Nollywood’s own anointed all-purpose-casanova. In fact, Mr. Nouah has certified his casanova status in a previous movie in which he plays – well you guessed it – a casanova alongside Uche Jombo yet again.

The fact is this movie has been made before. Not only has it been made before and by Nigerians but also by the same actors. This is just a lower quality, fewer parts, more terrible extras, different location version of many movies.

The story, in and of itself, was direct and to the point thankfully. The development was adequate considering that there really wasn’t that much to the story, it was quite simplistic and basic. There were some people in this movie that, God-knows, do not need to ever be acting in their lifetime and then there were others whose mere presence in the movie was a disappointment but I must say that I really loved the girl that plays Ramsey’s initial fiance.

Most extras in this movie couldn’t act and thankfully did not have many lines. But even the actors that we know of were quite underwhelming in this movie. Now I can’t say that I can blame them entirely for that, the story really doesn’t require you to do much. The truth is that for me I was watching the movie for Chet Anekwe. I never thought the day would come that a movie would have a cast like this and I would say a thing like that but it’s the fact, I only saw this movie because of Chet Anekwe and I feel duped. I feel duped because he wasn’t even really in the movie that much. But Chet brings a certain something to the screen that I still can’t place my finger on.

All in all, the experience of watching unguarded is not so much disappointing as it is underwhelming because it’s not really a movie you come into with high expectations.Unguarded, 6.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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    It was terrible. I couldn’t get past the first 7 min.!!

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    Alfia Johnson

    Okay Nollywood Reinvented – first, I am curious to know what version of this movie you watched, because I found out that the IROKO TV version is not complete (there are scenes cut out), as told to me by someone I know who was at the screening in New York. The story was simple – burned man becomes a gigolo (mind you, he could have just gone down the streets of New York and done the same thing), and has pseudo relationships with women from different ethnic groups. I personally got confused in a couple of places, because one minute the backdrop scene is LA, when in fact they are in NY. I think the story could have been more developed if we were shown more of Uche Jombo’s character in conflict with Desmond Elliot’s (I’m not really dead) character, and her conflict in choosing between the two. The acting for me was good with the main characters- Ramsey, Uche, Desmond, Chet, Chisom (Yes I know NR is EXTREMELY critical in this department), but I was not necessarily impressed with the others. Sorry, but I was not. The person I wanted to see, who had some significance before her life ends in the hospital, is Ebbe Bassey. Her character was basically cut out of the Iroko TV version. I too, am a big fan of Chet Anekwe, and I think the story between he and his conniving wife, played by Chisom Oz Lee could have been extended, adding even more spice to this drama. All in all, I thought it was for the most part, an entertaining love story, but with some unnecessary scenes. I just wish I could have seen the complete version of this movie.

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      Alright I noticed that too that all of a sudden some girl is in the hospital and everyone’s crying and all I’m thinking who is that and where did she come from? I forgot to mention it in the review too because I had no clue what significance that character held

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        Alfia Johnson

        Exactly. I caught this because I remember looking forward to Ebbe Bassey’s role, to the point where I scrolled through the movie twice to make sure I was not crazy, and watched the trailer for a third time. That’s when I knew that something was missing. Not to mention the fact that there were some other scenes in the trailer that were not found in the Iroko version. How you can have a character at a party with no audible lines, and no lines in the film period, who suddenly dies in the hospital (because of an accident caused by Chizom’s character we are lead to believe), to the point were it becomes the center of the main character’s distress is beyond me. The audience is not given anything.

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    This was a truly dreadful movie, the worst I’ve seen in a long time. I did make it through the whole lot, although it was over several sittings. I don’t know where to start. There was no chemistry between the actors whatsoever. The multiple brides at one wedding and then the double wedding scene at the end was all very silly. I’m surprised so many experienced actors agreed to participate in this shambles.

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