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Forgetting June

Posted October 25, 2013 by in Romance
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23/ 100

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Synopsis: FORGETTING JUNE tells the story of a young happily married couple who are madly in love experience the unthinkable! The wife goes on a trip and is involved in a terrible accident. She thrown from the car and loses her memory. The husband is extremely distraught but some years later finds love in the arms of another, only for the wife regain her memory and come back home!
Parts/Divisions: The movie 'Forgetting June' has only one part: Forgetting June part 1
Memorable Lines/Scenes: "Be a man?" "What does that mean? Men don't grieve??"
Cast: Majid Michel, Beverly Naya, Mbong Amata, Biola Segun Williams, Ben Touitou, Chuks Chukwujekwu


All vacuous space filled with pretty faces, unoriginal dialogues, and recycled storylines

I won’t deny that I was semi-excited about this movie when I originally heard of it. Why? Because even though I know better, a part of me still equates seeing Majid Michel’s face on a cast line-up with a guarantee for excellence and entertainment. I was wrong. This is no indictment on him as an […]

by Nollywood REinvented
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I won’t deny that I was semi-excited about this movie when I originally heard of it. Why? Because even though I know better, a part of me still equates seeing Majid Michel’s face on a cast line-up with a guarantee for excellence and entertainment. I was wrong.

This is no indictment on him as an actor (because I know actors too must chop one way or the other). The fact is that no matter how well Majid acted in this movie, his performance alone cannot elevate it from the subpar concoction of  unoriginal ideas that it is to a marvelous piece of art. The fact is that much of Nollywood is simply selling pretty faces because much of Nollywood is still buying movies for faces (and note that the word ‘much’ connotes only a section).

The movie ‘Forgetting June’ tells the story of a supposedly lovely couple with a love made for the ages, played by Majid and Mbong. The role requires them to be cute, lovable, adorable, it requires the audience to fall in love with them so that when tragedy eventually strikes, as is inevitable with a title like Forgetting June, the audience feels sympathy for them. That was the ideal, in reality however, I couldn’t wait for the inevitable to happen. In fact, I was kind of counting down the minutes until Mbong Amata’s character left the scene.

And again this is not an indictment on the character as it was originally imagined, but by the performance that Ms. Amata was giving. It was so bad that I was ready for her character to be killed off being fully aware that considering the cast line-up (plus the lack of originality of the script writers) she would be replaced with Beverly Naya. I never thought the day would come that I would be looking forward to seeing Ms. Naya in continous screen time.

The beautiful thing about realizing that fresh pepper is actually worse than tatasi (red bell pepper), is that you begin to think of ways in which tatasi could improve. In reality, maybe Ms. Naya’s acting would be more tolerable if she’d act with her body instead of just standing there and making gestures.

Asides from the fact that the movie follows a generally predictable path and uses actresses that are incapable of soliciting emotions from the audience, it also does quite a terrible job with music. The music in the movie at times seems like it is just overlaid as opposed to being integrated into the movie. Therefore scenes that required the right music to bring out emotions were either empty or had the wrong type of music playing over.

The cinematography is generally weak but even worse than that are the dialogues. Not only am I tired of seeing the same old movie over and over again every year with different actors, I’m also tired of listening to the same lines over and over again. The beautiful thing about words is you can say the same thing in a million ways, so please to crafting because there are more ways to toast a babe than the way it was done in “Nneka the Pretty Serpent”.

One thing that kept me going after the first 5 minutes when I eventually accepted that this movie would be a tremendous waste of time was getting my first glimpse of Blossom Chuks. Unfortunately however, even after watching the entire thing I’m still back to square one. He plays a very minimal role in this movie unfortunately, and even at that… well, he needs to put on more fabric for us to be able to concentrate on his performance lol (I guess, I’ll just have to wait until I see ‘flower girl’).

There was a comment under this movie on that describes this movie perfectly in one expression. And having sat through the entire one hour and forty something minutes of this vacuous space called a movie, I am going to have to employ the same sentiments. Therefore, “mschew”.Forgetting June, 5.8 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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    I totally agree. I KNEW the movie would be bad and overly predictable, but because of Majid I gave it a shot… I was wrong for giving it the benefit of doubt…

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    I beg to differ with your ‘review’. I felt this was a great film. As usual you focused more on the negatives( if any,) and completely ignored the positives; such as the fresh new actors benjamin Touitou who acted as Majid’s younger brother, Biola Williams who acted as Majid’s mother. The two actresses were not bad as well… they were certainly easy on the eyes. Acting as I see it is not that easy. I think they all tried in this movie, especially in cinematography. Perhaps less bias against Royal Arts will let you see the good in the film than anything else. I have certainly seen worse films. I will rate the movie 8/10.

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      None of those actors are new. They’ve been on the scene for a while now.

      However, I don’t think it’s much of a bias against RAA than it is expecting more of a production house that once was the shining light of the industry. It’s probably my fault for having expectations but in the face of all this progress in the industry I somehow thought they’d be the leading light.

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    Gbam! I agree with this review o jare. To be honest I watched it out of boredom and the ‘pretty’ faces made it a bit tolerable ;). At the end of it all my response was an equally (very) long “mstcheew” and anger for wasting such valuable time. One thing I have definitely learnt from Irokotv + is that the fact that movies were paid to be watched doesn’t mean I must waste my time watching every single one of them especially those that lack content just to get my money’s worth. There are certain movies I won’t watch even if na dash sef, I refuse to go through such brain drainage. And I seriously wonder what’s up with the latest trend of unnecessarily lengthy multiple part movies Nollywood keeps pumping out these days..

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    You just saved a sister 🙂
    I had high hopes, at least I will know how to lessen the hopes even if I’ll watch it

    Not a good comeback for Mbong, esp considering the big sacrifice she had to make

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      She would have ‘saved’ me too if I had read these prior but anyway its best to watch a movie with the least expectations especially the over-hyped ones, that way even if those expectations are dashed, it has very little impact on your hopes. And if they are exceeded, then you end the movie with a good feeling. That’s the mood I set my brain to before proceeding with movies, sometimes I read one or two comments to get the general “feel” of the film :D.

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    My review, the movie was not a spectacular movie but it was a good one, and what makes a good movie is the ability of the actors to possess their characters and make them believable, which is safe to say the handful of the main cast did. Vacuous space filled by pretty faces- i am assuming vacuous in this context to mean ”without content’ or perhaps, “idle”. They were not just pretty faces, Blossom Chuks Chukwujeku is one to look out for(watch #FindingMercy) , amazing chemistry between the characters, the lines did not seem forced, it flowed, but i do agree it is a recycled storyline.

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    So I planned on watching this film this weekend but with a review like this I don’t think I should be wasting my time anymore….thanks NR

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    It really was not great movie but personally, I liked it anyway. I enjoyed the soundtrack and Eddie’s romantic scenes with Tobi

    Fab: I loved watching the family dynamics in the scene when Eddie asks his mum to convince Tobi to marry him, in his brother’s presence!
    Bad: Majid’s overacting when he tries to make love to his first wife when she returns home.

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