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All That Glitters

Posted September 8, 2013 by in Drama
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Screenplay: , ,
SYNOPSIS: Joy abounds for an unemployed father and husband when he lands an upmarket corporate job, however his new environment negatively affects his attitude towards his loving wife.
Parts/Divisions: The movie, all that glitters, has only one part: all that glitters part 1
Memorable Lines/Scenes: "Your package shouldn't be called a package, that thing that belongs in a cigarette commercial" - Uru Eke
Cast: Ini Edo, Alexx Ekubo, Uru Eke, Grace Johnson, Meg Otanwa, Perez Egbi, Diana Yekini,


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Weak leads

In most African nations they tend to be adages about every other thing, so I’m almost entirely certain that out there somewhere is an adage that goes something like one must first learn to crawl before he walks and to run before he walks. That adage (imaginary as it is in this situation, until someone […]

by Nollywood REinvented
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In most African nations they tend to be adages about every other thing, so I’m almost entirely certain that out there somewhere is an adage that goes something like one must first learn to crawl before he walks and to run before he walks. That adage (imaginary as it is in this situation, until someone confirms it) applies, oh so aptly, to Alexx Ekubo especially in this movie.

In the movie, All that Glitters, Alexx plays an unsatisfied husband who falls for the wiles and seductions of a coworker who appears more western and cultured than his wife at home. The movie is predictable and unoriginal but add onto that a lead actor who appears to be unready for lead roles, and you have created a recipe for a very dragged hour and thirty minutes of film time.

As earlier stated, the movie is not captivating. It’s not new, it’s not original, it’s not mind-blowing, but neither was “desperate housegirls” but yet that movie entertained me. On the other hand, this movie falls short in that regard despite being from the same production and having two of the same actors from the latter.

In fact it almost seems like bad acting is contagious, because Grace Johnon who plays Alexx Ekubo’s character’s wife was difficult to watch especially in the scenes between them both. Apart from the glaring lack of chemistry between both actors (Alexx and Grace), her performance in the scenes with him were just generally dismaying. However, I must say that she was able to redeem herself later in the movie – and do we call it a coincidence that in those scenes where she does better she is not with Alexx?

Apart from the bad acting from the leads in this movie and the annoying cheap church soundtrack, not much else angered about the movie itself but when it comes to the story I’m not certain which points aggravates me more. Is it the ingrate of a husband who leaves his wife after all that she has done for him, or the wife who sits around the house looking like his mother. Is it the mistress who has the audacity to repossess a married man, or the confused man who demands that his mistress should cook for him with his sexist statement “where [I come] from the woman cooks for the man” (dey there, when you starve you will find your way to the kitchen).

The movie brings up many good points and these points are facilitated by very few good actors. I must commend Uru for holding her own in this movie but I can’t deny that the star of the movie was definitely Perez Egbi. A little background on Mr. Egbi, he was originally a Nollywood USA actor who like Chet Anekwe has successfully made into the real Nollywood. Every scene he was in was a delight. He brought the laughs and had the presence that held this movie together for me.All That Glitters, 6.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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    Ah no no, NR you made a mistake o. The lady who played Alexx’s wife in this movie is Grace Johnson and not Tamara. If you’ve seen The Champions she also acted in that one too. How come they look alike to you? They look nothing alike to me and I didn’t even link them together until I read your review. Anyway, we all make mistakes so no wahala, you can check again to make assurance doubly sure. When you do please try and correct the mistake here so your keen readers won’t get confused. Apart from all that, I agree with your review, the movie no mature at all. Kudos!

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    Another uneccessarily harsh critique by Nollywood Reinvented! the film was not that bad please. Infact it was not bad at all. I have noticed that you are usually unnecessarily harsh with Royal Arts Academy movies. You usually score other boring movies high and entertaining productions from Royal Arts very low. Don’t let your bias spoil the movie for others pls. It was a very entertaining movie and I enjoyed it thoroughly. My only issue was with Grace who is obviously a newbie in the industry. How can Perez be the only one that did it for you in the film? Different strokes for different folks I guess. Alex for me was great. I loved his acting, except in a few places like when he was crying. overall it was a good film.

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    Grace Johnson and Tamara Eteimo look nothing alike! They are very different pple. Tamara acted in Mrs Somebody and

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    I also thought Tamara and Grace was the same person until someone pointed it out to me that they were not the same person.

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    Wow! Before I say anything about the movie review: I didn’t know that NR was a lady. Any way is a way sha.

    Now, the movie review:

    I’ll agree with you on the story’s unoriginality(quite obvious), Alex non-commanding performance and Grace Johnson’s struggle with her lines. But what I won’t agree with you is the assertion that Uru Eke(My Miss Confidenté) held her own…it’s an understatement! Uru killed it in this movie! She stole the spotlight from Alex(my supposed new leading man!) She – in my opinion – is the lead actor. She played her character to the bone. That lifestyle dey her DNA joor! Perez Egbi was more like a comic foil to the movie. He did justice to his role. He and Uru did the yeoman’s job in the movie.
    As for Alex, him be my man, but he needs more training on the acting job, cos he ain’t a natural at all.

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