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Lies Men Tell

Posted July 19, 2013 by in Comedy
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SYNOPSIS: In a perfect world its one man to one woman but in emeka’s world he is ‘important’ to many ladies, lying to his wife comes with the lifestyle. jide’s lie caught up with him at the doctor’s office while femi’s church service is a poolside party.women are the ‘weaker’ sex, they will believe the lies their men tell hummmm REALLY?
Parts/Divisions: The movie, lies men tell, has only one part: lies men tell part 1
Memorable Lines/Scenes: "So you knew I was lying to you and you still stayed there and took the lie"
Cast: Uche Jombo, Desmond Elliot, Keira Hewatch, Robert Peters, Mofe Duncan, Bayray McWizu


Simple and straight to the point


Uneventful ending, some extras, staphylococcus is not a virus

Uche Jombo’s “Lies Men Tell” is a very simple movie that comically highlights the cheating ways of three different men in three different scenarios, and the effect it has on their households and how their individual wives handle it. It is neither a morally uplifting movie nor does it seek to teach you how to […]

by Nollywood REinvented
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Uche Jombo’s “Lies Men Tell” is a very simple movie that comically highlights the cheating ways of three different men in three different scenarios, and the effect it has on their households and how their individual wives handle it.

It is neither a morally uplifting movie nor does it seek to teach you how to run your home. It’s just, like aforementioned, simple and funny. The end, however, is a bit uneventful if you’re looking at the movie for content; but if you are looking at it for humor then this end will suffice I assume.

Desmond Elliot in a comic role was most definitely, without a sliver of a doubt, the standout character in the movie. At first it does seem cliche and a bit overdone, the rich Igbo businessman who never lost his accent, now living in the city, now married, now has kids, but still igbotic and still chasing girls all over the place. It’s a bit cliche but that feeling wears off in no time.

My question originally was would Desmond Elliot be able to pull it off? Would he be funny? Would he be believable? Now this coming from a person who absolutely cannot stand Nollywood comedies (and some Hollywood comedies it appears), I thought Desmond Elliot’s character was hilarious. His comic timing was perfect, his comebacks were amazing, his expressions were on cue. I laughed more in this movie than I did in “Baby Oku” thanks to Mr. Elliot.

Most extras in this movie were weak but there were some pleasant surprises here and there. It’s always a joy to see Bhaira on screen (now ‘Bayray’). Bayray gives a lot and she doesn’t shy away in emotional scenes. She’s equal to the task and that’s why seeing her being paired with a weak actor in her emotional scene was a bit disappointing. Because Bayray is giving him a lot, acting-wise, and he is coming back empty. It’s very annoying to see good actors paired with bad ones.

Keira Hewatch, who I have only ever seen in “Two Brides And A Baby“, has a similar “diary-of-a-mad-black-woman” character in this movie as well but this time at least her character makes a little more sense. Keira is quite impressive in this movie and has gotten a bit better since Two Brides. There is definitely still room for improvement, but ‘improving’ she is.

It’s always a joy to see Robert Peters on screen again and Uche Jombo held down her role like only she can. A huge bone of contention for me in this movie though was the entire ‘staphylococcus’ issue. Bayray’s character and her husband go to the doctor and he tells them that she has Staph. In fact, both her and her husband have Staph. Then she immediately gets emotional and starts hitting her husband like ‘you cheating man-whore’.

And I am sitting there the entire time thinking ‘no not really’, he didn’t need to have slept with someone to give you Staphylococcus. Someone could have sneezed on you, you could have touched something, in fact you could have gotten it from the hospital, why are you hitting him? The movie portrays Staph (which by the way doctor-character, is a bacterial infection not a viral infection) as some kind of incurable, death sentence of a disease. Meanwhile, the odds of you dying from it, if you caught it on time, are very slim. Get some antibiotics, do your research, don’t upgrade a Staph infection to the same height as cancer.Lies Men Tell, 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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    I tink Uche is really tryin wit the movies she produces, shoutout to her

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    The staph thing is such a let down. Something that simple research could have solved. Desmond did well

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    Staphylococcus can also be sexually transmitted tho theres are more than 10ways to get it , I guess their point is not to use a disease you can only get through sex like syphilis or gonorrhea hence the term ‘ lies men tell’ if the husband was faithful he will remember there are more ways to get it other than sex…as for emeka (Desmond Elliott) he probably didnt know the meaning and as a mr big stuff will not ask nkechinere if its just through unprotected sex thus the condoms lesson from him..I laughed through this movie…I am beginning to love uche jombo simple dvd nice family/human stories and the part1 thing she’s doing is so loveable. ..great movie

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    Nice review once again, couldn’t agree more on the “morally uplifting” thing because this movie had none whatsoever, in fact most of the movies being produced now do not teach a bit of value instead they are better at entertaining with crisp pictures and then at the end you find yourself asking “so what did I get from this movie?” that’s why I sometimes revert to the movies of the good old days, at least they fit into the family genre perfectly and there were tons of valuable lessons to be learned. Please NR, rethink your not reviewing old movies again, even if its to make a special section for old films. Thank you as always and do keep the reviews coming!

    P.S Have you gone into the TV Series section on Irokotv? Ah perhaps you should review tv series too ( Your expression: Dis girl wan kill me, Me: No my sister I no wan kill you o, na the plenty love wey I get for de tori wey you dey yarn for hia 😀 ),. That section just made me fall more in love with them, being that I am not in my home country, I was beginning to miss those nice series and they brought them right to my doorstep.

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    Niceeeeee I love this movie, I think it’s a ‘feel’ good movie. Desmond is a great actor

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    It will make more sense if they said gonococcus infection instead of staphylococcus, as this (GC) is an actual STD. This was suppose to be a very superior movie (just saw on irokotv) but for the so called doctor to call staph a virus and implied it was an STD was very dumb. That dropped the movie rating to less than 50%for me. You will never find such mistakes in Bollywood or Hollywood. I think Nollywood should consult medical personnel before inserting any medical lines or ideas into their movies, they make way too many mistakes and creat too many unrealistic medical impressions in their movies as far medicine is concerned. Its very insulting and drives me nuts!!

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    I enjoyed this movie,,however this movie lacked depth, I was xpectin more drama when Uche Jombo kept threatenin Desmond Elliot, but she didn’t do anything at such to him. but above all, this movie made me laff and I tink that was it main aim!!!

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