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Screenplay: ,
SYNOPSIS: A devoted girlfriend descends upon her boyfriend's home to let his wife know of their affair, only when she arrives her boyfriend denies knowing her.
Parts/Divisions: The movie, False, has only one part: False part 1
Memorable Lines/Scenes: "Even if you're Ramsey Nouah! And I've not heard of any girl killing herself over Ramsey"
Cast: Uche Jombo, Kate Henshaw, Kalu Ikeagwu, Oma Iyasara, Adebayo Adiola, Okonkwo Monalisa


Different story


maybe the end, but generally good

I, and anyone else who has had the pleasure of sitting through some stupid Nigerian movies these past months, thank Uche Jombo greatly. We thank her for many reasons but two main reasons being: 1) her movies have only one part and 2) the stories are not redundant. Since the Uche Jombo Production house was […]

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I, and anyone else who has had the pleasure of sitting through some stupid Nigerian movies these past months, thank Uche Jombo greatly. We thank her for many reasons but two main reasons being: 1) her movies have only one part and 2) the stories are not redundant.

Since the Uche Jombo Production house was established they have definitely only gotten better from movie to movie and this movie is no different. The movie is centralized on one day in a couple’s life and the events that lead up to having a crazy woman stand in their living room on the day of their anniversary claiming she is in love with the husband.

The idea behind the movie is original in that it’s not a story we see everyday in our movies even though it’s a very real phenomena. The fact is that in this century most of us have been at one end of this story: either as Uche’s character or Kalu’s character (and for some of us its been both lol). But the idea that you could take this relatively slim phenomena and make a movie out of it, is something I would never have imagined, but Uche Jombo did it.

The one character that stood out the most was definitely Uche’s character. She plays a psychologically imbalanced female with violent tendencies. The way Uche portrayed the character was good and well done, but I couldn’t help but  feel that it could have been much better. I kept wishing that they had gotten a truly insane actress to do this insane role. Imagining either Yvonne Okoro or Nse Ikpe-Etim in the role, especially the latter. I could just see the insanity that would manifest from that character if Nse had been cast as Imelda.

As regards the entire production, at times the music was louder than the dialogue. Pair that with irokotv’s terribly fluctuating audio and you get a frustrating couple of scenes. Occasionally the lighting was a bit off but all in all the movie ‘False’was an interesting take on an increasingly common modern day phenomena. Kate Henshaw and Kalu Ikeagwu were fascinating, especially the former. Kalu Ikeagwu and the phone sex scenes… oh my! If there’s anything I learned from this movie it’s not to have phone sex when you’re using MTN, they will leave you hanging.

All in all I love the final message of the movie. It’s fantastic how, if you’ve noticed, Uche Jombo does not play ‘same old, same old’. Whilst other characters in other movies are getting AIDS or Herpes, if you’re in Uche Jombo’s movie you’re getting Staphylococcus (see ‘lies men tell). Whilst other people are dying of heart attacks and cardiac arrests in other movies, if you’re in Uche Jombo’s movie, you’re dying of Osteoporosis. She doesn’t follow the status quo, she brings in new things because in truth not every old man will die of a heart attack, not every one with an STD has AIDS, and not everyone walking on the streets is psychologically okay.

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    Very good movie. Uche Jombo was brilliant, turning out to be a great actress if she isn’t already. We need more actors like her in Nollywood. Like I said I very good movie, I agree with the review as well. I have to say though, I found Kalu Ikeagwu’s character constant usage of swear words “shut the f**k up”, “what the f**k are you talking about” etc slightly uncomfortable. Five or so years ago we never hear of such words in movies so why is this changing? I wouldn’t want my child (I don’t have one yet) to hear that (Not just this movie, many other movies as well)..

    Apart from that I loved it. Is it me or is Uche Jombo splitting from Royal Arts? If so I say good on her. Her last 2 movies (Lies Men tell and False) are better than anything Royal Arts have produced for the past 3 years or so. Actually, make it four years.

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      Lol! About the cussing though, I’m actually going to go ahead and step out of my little bubble to defend the movie because looking at the storyline it’s centered around 21st century, techno-crazed society. And five or so years ago, like you say, there was no BBM lover, not that many people were having phone sex. Now we’re all western and considering that’s the story she’s working with I think it’s well suited

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    I totally agree that uche’s movies are some ‘how’ not your normal Nollywood stories and she’s good at it. I love this movie. I thought she brought the character home, I also agree having seen false, lies men tell, mrs somebody and damage on iROKOtv that she’s trying on different roles..good for her as I now see her as a very good actress unlike before when she was playing the same kind of role,I thank her for her part 1 kind of movies. It was GREAT to see Kate my love back in movies, I missed her talent.kalu was just a big fool in this movie. Great movie, different

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    Thumbs up to Uche for bringing us cutting edge movies! Seriously. We need more movies were people can ponder thought provoking social issues, and be entertained as well. I was glad to see Kate Henshaw back, as I thought her own character’s psychosis in the film after all was said and done was very interesting to watch. I think the presentation of how cyber space and its ability to intrude on our lives in a negative way was one heck of a way to create a story. The movie has probably got us all thinking… My only beef was that I was wanting to see more, especially a continuation of the interrogation scene and the drama between Kate and Kalu’s characters. In general, I appreciated the structure used to present the story, as it definitely kept you on your feet.

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    Well-written, I love everything about this movie.uche jombo is really rebranding her production house with this her one part moviemaking, its ‘refreshing’ to see these days, i love the cast.

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    We’ve got to appreciate the difference Uche Jombo tries to make in the industry

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