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Blind Lust

Posted May 15, 2013 by in Crime
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Genre: ,
SYNOPSIS: A wife decides to help a needy best friend by allowing her husband to offer her a job and pay for her rent. However temptation arises between the friend and the husband.
Parts/Divisions: Part 1,2, and 3
Memorable Lines/Scenes: "I'm borrowing a little space in his stomach."
Cast: John Dumelo, Jackie Appiah, Onoyona Israel, Dickson Williams, Chinelo Enemchukwu


A good watch, unexpected ending.


Most of the actors could not act.

The plot was necessarily orginal and I sat through the whole mivue supringsinlgy. The only thing that killed me was the acting. The only two people who could actually act were John Dumelo and Jackie Appiah but even this film ddin’t portray their best performances.

by Nollywood REinvented
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*Sigh* Almost good stories ruined by bad acting. This movie wasn’t an original topic. One of the typical, a wife offering to help out a needy friend who in turn betrays her and begins to sleep with her husband movies. However, the twist in the plot was a bit surprising since I wasn’t expecting much from the plot and made the film enjoyable. But what killed me was the acting. The movie could have been a lot better if one of the lead characters Anne, played by Chinelo Enemchukwu, who am I guessing this was her debut film, sounded as if she was reading off a script the entire film. Literally, all the actors except for John Dumelo and Jackie Appiah could not act. And even John could have done better. But Jackie did give a strong performance. The actors were either over acting or under acting. You can definitely tell the film is older due to the usage of parables and quotes, bringing back memories of Frank Rajah films from 2008.

I will say the soundtrack was diverse and sounded very Western.  But at times it sounded like a video game.  The sound also was going in and out but I think thats just an iRokotv issue because that isn’t the first time its happened on that site. The camera was shaking around in a couple of scenes, film crew you need to do better. I’m not necessarily a fan of african action movies because  the execution of the action scenes tends to be unrealistic and non believable . The fighting scene was so off. As they were supposedly kicking and fighting in jail it sounded like someone was pressing a keyboard in place of the sounds.

Some lines were absolutely hilarious but ridiculous though. Like when the friend asked the wife if she could “Borrow a little space in her husbands stomach” because she wanted to give him some food. Then when the friend was offering the husband some liquor she insisted it helped loosen stiff joints. lol

I was able to sit and watch the whole film which isn’t something that can happen all the time now so it was a decent watch if you just get over the mediocre acting.Blind Lust, 3.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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    this movie reminded me of another one, same storyline. I always root for the married couple then end up disappointed when i realize the wickedness of the wife. oh well! i could not sit through the whole movie without skipping constantly because of that anne and those inspectors. I was so annoyed. usually, i don’t even pay attention to the quality of acting but this one got me sick. i could not stand their scenes arghh. Their career should be done with this movie. I don’t want to ever see them again, real pain to watch

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