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Veronica (The Native Girl)

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2/ 5

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Genre: ,
SYNOPSIS: A Village Goods Seller was Swindled by a youth Corper, Only for her (the corper )to Pay the ultimate price when she falls in Love with Village girl's brother.
Parts/Divisions: The sequel to Veronica the native girl is called "Little Secret", the movie has four parts namely: Veronica part 1 and part 2 then Little Secret Part one and part two
Memorable Lines/Scenes: Girl: I need N2000 for synthesis. Mercy J: I have give you that money before. Girl: NO o! You only give me N500 for photo, this one now is synthesis. Two of them go together. Photo. Synthesis
Cast: Mercy Johnson, Yul Edochie, Angela Okorie, Walter Anga, Theodore Clinton, David Ogbeni, Ifunanya Igwe, Oma Nnadi, Uchenna Nnanna, Seun Akindele


Mercy Johnson gives an amazing performance


Lost focus somewhere in there

The movie didn’t really end, they sort of just run out of film (I hope they don’t call that a conclusion) but on the off chance that it is, the movie is not entirely predictable.

by Nollywood REinvented
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-Story: [1 out of 5]

At first (aka in part 1 and 2) it had a clear obvious storyline, but as we progressed into part 3 and 4 the movie just seemed all over the place, no obvious storyline, things just seemed to happen. So either the movie has a part 5 and 6 (I hope not) or it was inconclusive

-Originality: [1 out of 5]

To a certain extent… Yes? Maybe! But not so much

-Predictability: [1 out of 5]

The movie didn’t really end, they sort of just run out of film (I hope they don’t call that a conclusion) but on the off chance that it is, the movie is not entirely predictable. But that’s not necessarily a good thing, it’s not predictable because nobody knows what is happening in the movie. Too much confusion

-Directing/Editing: [0 out of 5]
First impression of the movie is that it seems like a cut and paste job. The camera is highly unsteady, it lacks any touch of professionalism, you can tell that someone rushed through ‘producing?’ this ‘movie?’. Add that to the fact that it really doesn’t end well,  there are countless unnecessary and overlyprolonged scenes, and nothing in the sequel seems to make any sense, it was just bad directing and editing.

-Acting quality: [3 out of 5]

However, on a brighter note, the acting was a relief. That Mercy Johnson is just a character. I want to say that she must have been a villager in her previous life but you’ll recall that I’ve called her a tout in her previous life amongst many other things in previous reviews. Fact is, the babe is just too much.

Was ecstatic to see Yul as a n0n-prince in this movie (I think I took a separate 5 minutes to celebate that…lol). Yul is a good actor and was able to carry his role out convincingly.

Ifunanya Igwe gets better from movie to movie. There were definitely obvious signs of improvement in this movie, yet there is still room for more improvement. Angela Okorie does the thug role well but when it comes to emoting (whether real or feigned) she still needs help. Oma Nnadi! I have nothing but love for that lady, amazing actress. Yet to see her fall short. Was happy that Uchenna Nnanna was given a ‘different’ role in this movie and I thought she did it justice

-Setting: [2 out of 5]

Some of the locations were just tacky looking, to be honest. (especially that party scene)

-Costume/Make-Up: [2 out of 5]

That baby bump though?

-Props and Graphics: [3 out of 5]

Not bad

-Video Quality: [3 out of 5]


-Audio Quality [2 out of 5]

A bit inconsistent

-Soundtrack: [3 out of 5]

Fair enough

-Musical Score: [3 out of 5]

Nicely done


Veronica (The Native Girl), 4.9 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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    Well done on the changes and updates. Can’t wait for it to end so as to enjoy even more movie reviews. Love the Omosexy look!

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    i actually prefer the former look of the website… with the coloured bars,was easier to know the good movies.. this one kinda seems clumsy. #my opinion#….still ur no 1 fan

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    just watched part 3&4 waste of time, poor sound, shaky camera, long unnecessary scenes, jumpy plot – no sense of direction ( near the end, Angela O is pregnant, starts bleeding, husband drive her away, next scene she is buying cigarettes and smoking, next scene she and another is sitting in a car handcuffed and saying “i didn’t do it”, then end of film. wht?). Doesn’t end well so I’m guess another part 5&6. So not worth another part. using the first par Veronica, the ending is that Mercy told the brother what Angela did to her,drove Angela away from the brother’s house and their ‘marriage’ ended. I can’t see what how else the can further develop the film unless they continue the whole arm robbery, drugs plot they have started. All of this could have just fit into one part 1:30hr long movie. Mercy j was my only source of “strength/excitement” to keep watching this movie. I just skipped the unnecessary parts so i literally just watched like 5-10mins worth of part 3&4. kmt!

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    Nollywood still produces movies with this kind of name? Nneka the pretty serpent, Veronica the village girl, Uju the church rat? #facepalm.

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    Ifunanya igwe! That girl is so pretty…wow!!

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