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Top 12 Nollywood Couples of all time

Posted January 11, 2013 by Nollywood REinvented in Features
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After seeing some of these people on screen together so many times one would think they were married to each other in real life. Here’s a list of Nollywood’s Top 12 Couples, in no particular order

  1. RMD AND STELLA: When you say couples and Nollywood. Richard Mofe Damijo and Stella Damasus are almost always bound to come to mind first. With a list of endless classic romantic movies together, it’s a wonder that they are not actually married to each other in reality.
  2. GENEVIEVE NNAJI AND RAMSEY NOUAH: From “Butterfly” to “Rip off” to “Super Love” and many more, Genevieve and Ramsey have come to become a common association for Nollywood and Romance. And for good reason too, the on-screen chemistry between the two is near intoxicating.
  3. ZACK ORJI AND HILDA DOKUBO: A couple years back, Zack Orji and Hilda Dokubo were almost a package deal in one too many nollywood movies. They became the face to be associated with many family movies (and ofcourse, all the movies that required tears on demand for Hilda Dokubo
  4. SOLA FOSUDO AND LIZ BENSON: Who can forget the ‘glamor girl’ duo of Sola Fosudo and Liz Benson. After that movie seeing them on screen together just brought back memories. The two of them together became a comfortable sight for most viewers
  5. RITA DOMINIC AND JIM IYKE: Be it the college lovers, the prince and the pauper, the gangster and the good girl, the lovers from different social classes. You name it. They’ve done it. You grow to love their love-struggles.
  6. PATIENCE OZOKWOR AND NKEM OWOH: Yes, they haven’t really been in too many movies together recently but if you’ve ever been fortunate enough to see the both of them in a movie then you know that even if it’s not a love connection it’s a hilarity-connection cos this two can get you rolling from laughter. I haven’t seen too many movies with them together but one that sticks out in my mind is a certain movie in which Patience is wielding a spatula (or cooking spoon or pistle) at Nkem Owoh.
  7. KALU IKEAGWU AND MONALISA CHINDA: I always used to refer to these two as the Macleans duo. Probably because the first time I saw Kalu on TV he was in a toothpaste commercial (at least I think so, I could be imagining it) then I saw him in a movie with Monalisa, then yet another movie with Monalisa. They were both light-skinned and they worked well together so – the macleans duo
  8. DESMOND ELLIOT AND STEPHANIE OKEREKE: I’ve always imagined Stephanie Okereke to be rather tall; and Desmond? Not so much. So I really don’t know how this coupling worked but the fact is that it worked… from movie to movie to movie.
  9. SEGUN ARINZE AND BIMBO AKINTOLA: I wouldn’t be out of place to refer to them as ‘the eyes and the diction’. If you haven’t seen many Segun-Bimbo films then you must have at least heard of ‘Husband and Wife’. That was a movie for ages.
  10. NONSO DIOBI AND OGE OKOYE: Forget the Oge Okoye you see on screen nowadays, things weren’t always like that. Once upon a time, the name Oge Okoye in the opening credits of any movie signified 2-3 hours of share splendour, joy, emotions, and probably romance. From the childless couple to the campus romance, Nonso and Oge were a beautiful couple.
  11. EMEKA IKE AND CHIOMA CHUKWUKA: As villagers and as city dwellers, wherever you place this two they just worked. One movie that sticks out for me is the one where Emeka is the only son of a rich businessman who goes undercover as a taxi driver to find love. Where he ofcourse meets Chioma Chukwuka and things happened.
  12. SAINT OBI AND RITA NWANKWO: Ok maybe you don’t remember Rita Nwankwo but you must remember Saint Obi. Maybe you don’t remember many movies starring both of them, but I forbid you to forget “Final Whistle”. It’s probably one of the only Saint Obi movies I’ve rewatched in recent times (that would change if I had access to “State of Emergency” though). And if you don’t remember anything about the movie, at least you remember the soundtrack. Right?

Any other couples you remember?

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    Wish i watched enough Nollywood movies to contribute better.
    RMD looked good with anyone :), and yeah i can remember him and Stella.
    Nkem and Patience? loool. I wouldn’t want to be their progeny.

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    This Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ so true, very correct.

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    Yes yes to this post
    So true I know the first 6 🙂

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    I have seen most of these couples together and some work very well, like RMD and Stella, love their smiles. Not a big fan of Ramsey in romantic roles, he seems to always have a bad side, lol. BTW, no actor for Omotola?

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    Maybe Munachi Obiekwe?

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    yeah about 10yrs ago it was RMD & stella, genny & ramsey, rita & jim and emeka & chioma that were the main couples in many movies. trust naija movie producers to exploit it to death! lol! although there were pairings btw emeka & genny, chidi mokeme & genny/rita, mama g & pete edochie….

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    Van vicker and Nadia Buari. They were paired so many times that people actually thought they were couple. From Mummy’s daughter to Beyonce to American Boy, Darkness of Sorrow, In the eyes of my husband, Hands of Time,etc

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    Omosexy and Kenneth Okonku, they look cool together on set abi? what about Nze Ekpe and Ramsey?
    I love love to watch RMD in those days mehn, the guy too much!

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    The list is spot on.I like the first two more though.They’re the perfect couple.

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    I saw State of Emergency on YouTube, here are the links for part 1 and part 2

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    hummm omoT is not always on your list. i have some list for her,Omotola and Francis Duru from the movie iva(1995) along with final and total war in (2002). Omotola and Fred Amata from the movie Mortal inheritance(1995), .Omotola and Segun Arinze from the movie The Prostitute (1998).
    lol i know she is tall but has a good chemistry with Fred Amata,Francis Duru and also Zack Orji from movie like All my life and the final wedding. Bimbo Akintola with Bassey Keppy k from the 90ties

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    I think u guys forgot Ini Edo and Desmond eliot in torment evn on funke akindele’s weddn dy lukd lyk husbnd and wife. They rili make a nice couple.

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