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The Impostor

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Total Score

34/ 100

NR Review

Genre: ,
Synopsis: The movie is about Demian Debra and his step mother who were best of friends before she stumbled across her husbands WILL. They are now arch enemies and Tinuke (step mother) wants Demian out of the way at all cost
Parts/Divisions: 2 Parts
Cast: Nse Ikpe-Etim, Alex Usifo, Yemi Blaq, Thelma Okodua, Sydney Diala, Ayo Emmanuel, Okwese Leo B., Paul Sambo, Franka Nwane, Innocent Nwafor


A strong lead with Nse Ikpe-Etim and Yemi Blaq


Sub-par extras and unoriginal script

Nse never fails to deliver and there’s something about Yemi that one can’t help but love. It’s the pairing of the masters of English, seeing both of them ‘spoking the grammar’….

by Nollywood REinvented
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Yes, the story was ok… and I think I heard something about it being a cinematic movie… yet for some reason (at least in my eyes) it doesn’t live up to expectations. And one might ask, what exactly are the basis for my ‘expectations’? Well the movie has Nse Ikpe-Etim on the cast line-up doesn’t it? That alone is reason enough to expect demand more from any movie. Regardless, the story was ok. It doesn’t exactly motivate you to start and finish it in one day but it was an ‘ok’ film.

The concepts are the same as many other Nigerian movies: Greedy, conniving step mother, twin brother out of the blue, same old same old.

If everything else is contestable, predictability is definitely not one of them. Without contest, the movie is predictable. Then again it kind of comes with the genre/story-type.

The cinematography was nothing fantastic, neither was it entirely disastrous. I wish the movie was shorter cos 3 and a half hours just seems ridiculous for a story like this that has little to no claim to originality, but when I think back I can’t think of any scene that should have been cut out (then again, that’s probably cos I was multi-tasking whilst watching the movie)

Acting quality: 
In some movies, the extras can’t act but that’s fine because they don’t have much screen time but when the extras are contesting with supporting actors for screen time then I think it would be wise to get extras that can actually act, or don’t you? So without saying too much… the extras in this movie were mostly crap.
The lead pair, which I’m going to assume was Nse and Yemi, did a fantastic job with their roles. Nse never fails to deliver and there’s something about Yemi that one can’t help but love. It’s the pairing of the masters of English, seeing both of them ‘spoking the grammar’…. the only thing missing was Aunty Joke Silva.
Haven’t seen Alex Usifo on screen in a while, and though he didn’t have that much screen time, it was good to see him back.
Paul Sambo still needs to work on being more convincing in my opinion. There’s just something about his acting, I think he can be much better but he doesn’t convince me. His rendition of his roles are not convincing at all. Regardless, my guy IS making progress though because he achieves conviction in some scenes but falls short in way too many

On point, for the most part.

Well done

Props and Graphics:
Failed with all the gun graphics and blood-gushing effects… it could have been much better

Video Quality:
I was torn as to whether the video quality was superb or just confusing or was it just my screen?

Audio Quality:
Inconsistent timbres, especially in the beginning

A medley of Nigerian songs by actual Nigerian artists (all credited in closing credits)

Musical Score: 
Nicely done


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    Interesting review, Nse and Yemi make me want to see it.

    Happy New Year to you too. I’ve seen your new Omosexy avatar and loving it.


    happy new year, and lol at spoking the grammar you are right about joke silva missing, the way these 3 make emphases on pronunciations ehen reminds me of first aid in english textbook


    I saw this movie and I can’t help but wonder why one of those gang members keep shouting “shit” or whatever he was saying. It was also laughable when the guy that was meant to kill Damian and let him go kept saying “Run” as though, please pardon my choice of description but he kept shouting as though he wanted to excrete on the spot. The movie was watchable sha.

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