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The Kingdom

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3.5/ 5

NR Review

SYNOPSIS: I am back to avenge the death of my parent and siblings, and the only way to do that is to pose as an impostor. I looked like the bad guy in the palace to destroy all King Demond has ever worked for. A look at what king Desmond did to my family and compared to what I did to his. My parent in their grave will call it avenge and I call it revenge
Parts/Divisions: The sequel to the Kingdom is called "Kingdom of Beauty", the sequel to "Kingdom of Beauty" is called "End of the Kingdom". The movie has six parts, namely: The Kingdom part 1 and part 2, then Kingdom of Beauty part 1 and part 2, then End of the Kingdom part 1 and part 2.
Memorable Lines/Scenes: "Life is funny! It's a comedy to those that think and a tragedy to those that feel" - Van Vicker (as Prince Ferguson) from Horace Walpole "Any man who doesn't know what he wants from a distance has a really bad sense of judgment" - Van Vicker (as Prince Ferguson)
Cast: Van Vicker, Annie Macaulay, Chelsea Eze, Eucharia Anunobi, Jibola Dabor, Clem Ohameze, Esther Audu, Tony Ezinmadu, Tana Adelana


Easily enjoyable, easy to follow, lovely family setting.


The movie is just too long

Watch it! You don’t have to watch the entire movie but I don’t see how you won’t find something about the movie to enjoy

by Nollywood REinvented
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-Story: 3

I started this movie skeptical. Very very skeptical. To me, it was yet another royal movie, starring Van Vicker (an actor I was gradually beginning to dislike). So the plan was to endure 4 hours of torture in the name of a movie…. and then I pressed PLAY. This movie commands attention from the moment you press play. The movie starts as soon as you press play, I’m not talking all those useless royal movies that take 2 parts for exposition. The exposition to this movie was the opening credits (what am I saying? The opening credits were part of the action). All I’m saying is the movie might be in 6 parts but it entertains you every step of the way. I love the character build, I love the story’s frame, I love the entire thing, it makes you want to jump into the screen and be a member of this family.

-Originality: 3

It’s a revenge storyline. But it’s a revenge storyline done differently… arguably. I am so happy this is not an Uche Nancy movie, else it would have lost track from part one. It might not be entirely original as a whole, but in parts it’s a delight.

-Predictability: 3

Really depends on what you’re expecting. I had no expectations for this movie after my previous expectations were squashed, so I let things happen and the only disappointment I can attest to was that the movie is in 6 parts.

-Directing/Editing: 3

I have a general rule with reviews. If it’s in more than 3 parts then it can not make higher than a 3 on directing. If this movie was in 4 parts, I would have overlooked that because every scene was necessary, entertaining and delightful. It’s like the Bollywood movies of old (for those of us that indulge in Indian Cinema), you don’t want to take away a dinner scene here or a gossip scene there because it removes from the homely-family feel of the entire movie. So I was fine with the first four parts, especially since they seemed to fly by (don’t get me wrong, it’s still an hour per part) but there’s no excuse for a six part movie, sorry.

-Acting quality 3

So much to say so little time (actually, I have the time but will you read everything?), so let me start from the very beginning. Van Vicker.
Van Vicker seems to me like the stereotypical Nollywood success (and decline) story, which is probably why I’m beginning to love him less. He got into the industry, wasn’t that great of an actor but was fortunate enough to have a beautiful face and a role that exploited his looks. He fell into the lover boy stereotype and we were more than happy to embrace the oh-so-handsome Van, regardless of whether or not he could act. And as the story goes, eventually some people begin to feel like they can do it all, a couple bad movie choices here and there, a couple failed productions here and there and a couple misplaced statements in the media and you get replaced by Majid. Regardless, this movie reminded me of why I fell in love with Van Vicker in “Beyonce: The President’s daughter”. It’s because we all want to be that girl that Van is telling those sweet nothing’s to in front of the camera, regardless of whether or not he can act.
Annie Macaulay. It is no news that babe can not act. Regardless, she is not that terrible and of late she has been blessed to be part of productions with amazing storylines and roles that do not necessitate actual acting skills (read “Royal Wedding”). Earlier in the movie, I felt this is just the perfect role for her because she won’t be exerted in any way but from scene to scene you can still notice some of her flaws. However, they are easy to overlook (because the story is just that good).
Esther Audu is a fabulous fabulous actress. That did a splendid job with her role. This babe is yet to disappoint in her renditions and just seems to be soaring. The role suited Chelsea Eze and she carried the role perfectly well.
Aunty UK toh badt gan. I can’t see anyone else in this role. Not Ngozi Ezeonu. Not Mama G. Not nobody. She fit the role. She carried the role and most importantly she ‘spake’ the role. (‘spake’ is a reference to Eucharia Anunobi’s impeccable grammar)
I was impressed by Clem, I was impressed by Jibola, I was impressed by the entire production especially Tana Adelana. It’s the first time I’m seeing her on screen and she is set to be in Yvonne Nelson’s production “Single and Married”. She did a fair enough job with this movie. Quite impressive for a newcomer.
Some subpar performances here and there but enough strong performances to carry the movie thorugh

-Setting: 4

Beyond immaculate, you can tell that money was spent. The sets are amazing. Making my country look heavenly.

-Costume/Make-Up: 5

Oh. My. Dayz. You can’t tell me anything, Chiemela Nwagboso is to Nollywood as Manish Malhotra is to Bollywood. Every outfit, every single outfit… ah! I can’t talk too much. Go and watch the movie. The guy piecesed it. Commited fabric murder (in a good way)

-Props and Graphics: 3

On point

-Video Quality: 4


-Audio Quality 3


-Soundtrack: 4

Very well done

-Musical Score: 4



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Tana Adelana - Nollywood Actress 


The Kingdom, 9.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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Nollywood REinvented


    Thelma Jedidiah

    I agree with your review but I was irritated to find out that the movie is in 6 parts. Bia these people, you told you we have the time? After watching Kingdom of Beauty, of course the story makes you want to continue but I can’t seem to find End of the Kingdom. NR, do you know how many kingdom movies are out there and this is not with the part 2 of the movies? I have counted 10 already and it is no longer funny. Nollywood needs to stop this kingdom business. I mean who cares about these borrow pose royalties (I know that this statement is going to piss the heck off some people especially those who their fathers are kings and the likes) but people, the kingdom things are minority in Nigeria for crying out loud. Abeg jare, there are other things that we can talk about. Kingdoms are a passing phase and it is not me that started it. This is why you have autonomous communities now. Abi, na lie I lie?

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    You make me want to watch this movie. I will get it today!

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    You should! It’s a really nice movie if you can sit through all 6 parts lol

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    Exactly my point lol. There are way too many kingdom movies and bad enough as it is, the people selling this movie don’t seem to realize it has part 5 and 6 so before the general populace gets to see part 6 eh? hmm… it will be a while

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    is end of the kingdom out yet? cant seem to find it at all. abeg hook a sister up

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    Lol don’t think it’s been widely released in the US

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