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Thanks For Coming

Posted December 7, 2012 by in Drama
Mercy Johnson









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SYNOPSIS: Frieda and Eneh are two opposing ends of the same plane, in the same business, in the same city. Two friends who have since fallen out and are now determined to out-do the other by all means. Who will win in this rat race?
Parts/Divisions: The sequel to the movie, "Thanks for Coming" is called 'Gallant Babes'. The movie has four parts, namely: Thanks for Coming part 1 and part 2, then Gallant Babes part 1 and part 2.
Cast: Mercy Johnson, Yul Edochie, Steve Eboh, Jibola Dabor, Angela Okorie, Chinyere Wilfed, Walter Anga, Eve Esin, Odera Arinze, Mary Uranta, Ifunanya Igwe, Ejine Okorafor, Leo Ewuzie, Ani Amotosero, Moyo Lawal, Uchenna Nnanna, Olisadebe Chike, Ese Brodricks


See Mercy Johnson in action


Yet another Uche Nancy Runs movie

I am sincerely convinced that Mercy Johnson must have been a tout in her past life, judging from her performance in this along with many other tout movies she has done (eg “Fazebook Babes”).

by Nollywood REinvented
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-Story: [0 out of 5] A couple things Uche Nancy movies are known for: 1) loud costumes 2) Runs 3) Mercy Johnson 4) Runs 5) Jibola Dabor 6) Runs 7) an absolute [or near absolute] lack of storyline and finally 8) Runs. In my opinion, this movie did not have any significant storyline but it is a good way to throw away 4-5 hours of your life if you fancy watching banter.


-Originality: [0 out of 5] Like I said before, Uche Nancy movies are the trademark for runs (at least they are in my head). There’s almost always someone sleeping with someone they aren’t supposed to be sleeping with. There’s almost always booty shaking and a parade of females. And there’s almost always banter.


-Predictability: [0 out of 5] Most definitely


-Directing/Editing: [1 out of 5] Way too many overly prolonged and unnecessary club, party, meeting/deliberation scenes. The movie does not have enough of a purpose to be in four parts. Quite frankly, cutting out all the prolonged scenes would leave you with a 2 part movie.


-Acting quality: [3 out of 5] There were names in this movie that could obviously act (Mercy, Yul, Jibola etc) and they were others who were repeatedly falling their own hand from scene to scene (Angela, Ifunanya, Ejine etc). There were way too many people in this movie to go into detail about each individual act so let’s mention those who stood out.

I am sincerely convinced that Mercy Johnson must have been a tout in her past life, judging from her performance in this along with many other tout movies she has done (eg “Fazebook Babes).

In the opening credits it said “Introducing Ifunanya Igwe” which for me was a bit of a shock cos I’ve seen quite a number of her movies. She did an amazing job, in my opinion (for a newcomer) in “Innocent Pain” but her performance in this movie was simply embarrassing.

I am still waiting for the Ejine Okorafor movie that will convince me that this lady is capable of acting but until then, I maintain my resolve that the screen is not for her.

Moyo Lawal has done this role so many times that it would be embarrassing if she still didn’t know how to do it right. She did an amazing job with her role and was very convincing.

Angela Okorie seemed to be reciting her lines from scene to scene to scene. The more she ‘acted’ the less she ‘acted’.


-Setting: [3 out of 5] Ok


-Costume/Make-Up: [3 out of 5] I get that they are supposed to be ‘ashawos’ so I assume their outfits are excusable.


-Props and Graphics: [3 out of 5] Not bad


-Video Quality: [2 out of 5] Generally good but some night scenes could have done with better lighting


-Audio Quality [3 out of 5] Fair


-Soundtrack: [1 out of 5] Uhm…. no!


-Musical Score: [3 out of 5] Ok


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    If Mercy wasn’t a tout in her past life, then she is a great actress. It could be the embarrasing performance that made them introduce Ifunanya again. lol!

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    Lmao @ introducing Ifunanya again…maybe o haha.

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    Another one to stay away from 🙂

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    By all means!

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    Your analysis of this movie is hilarious…#Runz!!!

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