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End of Behind Closed Doors

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SYNOPSIS: The cry of a baby is all Ivie and Oasis craved for in their happy home. Philip, Oasis’s older brother was diagnosed with cancer and had only six months to live. Philip is fertile and Oasis is not, so he suggested he impregnate Ivie since he will die eventually. To keep the family’s lineage they have to sacrifice to achieve their aim. Right after Philip and Ivie had their first encounter Oasis decided he can not bear the thought of his brother sleeping with his wife. But it was too late. Ivie eventually got pregnant and Philip did not die as the doctor has Claimed. A family drama you cannot afford to miss.
Parts/Divisions: The movie "End of Behind Closed Doors" is the sequel to the 2001 movie "Behind Closed Doors". The movie has 2 parts: End of Behind Closed doors part 1 and part 2. You do not necessarily need to watch the prequel to grasp the sequel but it's advisable that you do.
Memorable Lines/Scenes: "Five whole years, I gave to you. Five whole years I dedicated to you, and all I get is your wedding invitation to another girl" - Monalisa Chinda
Cast: Desmond Elliot, Stella Damasus, Richard Mofe Damijo, Patience Ozokwor, Monalisa Chinda, Annabel Mbonu
Introduction: The conclusion of Behind Closed Doors part 2 back in 2001 said, watch out for part 3. And watch out we did for 10 years. 10 years later, Emem Isong and Lancelot Oduwa have returned with the conclusion of Behind Closed Doors. As with all sequels, the nagging question is "should a sequel have been made or should they have left well enough alone?"


Finally, a sequel!


Doesn't really add much to the original story

At some points, I began to wonder whether they were intentionally trying to match the video quality of the 2001 production.

by Nollywood REinvented
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-Story: [2 out of 5] I loved the first part of Behind Closed Doors for many different reasons. One being that it was different for back then (and in a way still is), I, like everyone else, was a huge fan of the RMD-Stella duo, and the cast was stellar. However, I’m not certain what the sequel has to boast. Looking at the storyline of the sequel as a whole, it just seemed to drag a bit for me. For those who like to conclude everything they start then go ahead and watch this movie, else I think it’s best we leave well enough alone with the first two parts.

-Originality: [2 out of 5] Like I said before, what I liked about the first two parts was that it was original for back then. But can we still argue that this originality still holds in 2012? To a certain extent, yes.

-Predictability: [4 out of 5] Definitely not the ending I expected/created in my head after seeing the prequel.

-Directing/Editing: [2 out of 5] Not exactly a fan of the entire production, it all seemed like a rushed job. It’s hard to believe it’s a Lancelot Oduwa work at some points. It’s not that bad but could have been better.

-Acting quality: [4 out of 5] This movie is great if not for anything then because of the cast. In my opinion, the standout performance was definitely Patience Ozokwor. It’s a different side of Patience, that yes we have seen before, but we don’t see enough of. Right next to Mama G’s performance was definitely Desmond’s because his character required the most in emotions, the most in complexity from scene to scene. I’m a fan of the Stella-RMD duo and it’s always a delight to see them on screen (especially RMD as he seems to have deserted us). All else involved did a fair enough job.

-Setting: [3 out of 5] Ok

-Costume/Make-Up: [3 out of 5] Not bad

-Props and Graphics: [3 out of 5] Fair

-Video Quality: [2 out of 5] Could definitely have been better. At some points, I began to wonder whether they were intentionally trying to match the video quality of the 2001 production.

-Audio Quality [3 out of 5] Good

-Soundtrack: [2 out of 5] Save for the Ibo parts, I did not like it. Wasn’t terrible but just sounded like a cut and paste job. Like someone rushed through it.

-Musical Score: [3 out of 5] Nicely done


End of Behind Closed Doors, 4.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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