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Breath of Love

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Genre: ,
SYNOPSIS: An industrious banker ends up dating the good Samaritan that kindly brings her home one night after she drinks to the point of inebriation. As their relationship becomes serious it becomes clear that their differing religions present a huge problem for their families and friends
Parts/Divisions: The sequel to the movie, "Breath of Love" is called "Series of Love". The movie has four parts, namely: Breath of Love part 1 and part 2, then Series of Love part 1 and part 2
Memorable Lines/Scenes: "You're my woman, Gracie. It's my duty to take care of you not share my problems with you"
Cast: Ramsey Noah, Chika Ike, Halima Abubakar, Ruth Kadiri, Chigozie Atuanya, Vincent Opurum, David McKenze


Raises some valid social issues


Looses direction midway and is arguably unnecessarily long

It’s a nice story with an amazing moral that teaches a life lesson, but it’s a boring overly prolonged with too many unnecessary scenes. Now if you could take that amazing moral, cut out any scene that is irrelevant (which would be 2/3rds of the movie), you’d be winning on two grounds.

by Nollywood REinvented
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-Story: [2 out of 5] It’s a nice story with an amazing moral that teaches a life lesson, but it’s a boring overly prolonged with too many unnecessary scenes. Now if you could take that amazing moral, cut out any scene that is irrelevant (which would be 2/3rds of the movie), you’d be winning on two grounds. Need I mention the dialogues? All I can say is there is a problem when a fully grown woman is describing a kiss and she says “it tasted like strawberries in…” (yeah, I’m not even going to complete that statement

-Originality: [0 out of 5] It’s a love story that progresses like most other love stories, the only difference being that this (like only a few other love stories) deals with the effects of religious and cultural differences on love. So… Romeo and Juliet with a religious twist.

 -Predictability: [2 out of 5] Did not end exactly as I assumed it would, but the ending in no way adds to the movie. The ending is more anticlimactic than surprising and exciting, if that made any sense.

-Directing/Editing: [1 out of 5] I thought the director could actually use some more work especially in cutting out the overly prolonged scenes and in his angles. The entire thing seems a bit backward. I mean nobody really needs to see a 10 minute scene of someone perambulating around her living room, shuffling channels and playing with her laptop. Just because the character is bored does not mean the viewer has to be bored as well (I mean, think am though, I could have gone, made noodles, come back and still have missed nothing)

-Acting quality: [2 out of 5] I did not get the impression from this movie that anyone was giving their best. Everyone just seemed to be going through the motions. Don’t get me wrong, those who could act, could act but they weren’t trying to hard to be amazing.

Chika Ike. I don’t know what it is about this girl. Can’t place my finger on it but something about her, her acting skills, and her on screen presence seems to turn me off.

I liked Halima’s character in this movie, there were scenes where she was very obviously doing too much; but for the most part she was able to hold her own.

Ramsey Noah and the whole Hausa thing was semi-disturbing. In the first couple of scenes where himself and Vincent Opurum were saying some lines in Hausa, I was just sitting and starring at my screen in confusion like “maka why…but why…Oh Lord why?”. Regardless, Ramsey was able to hold his own in the movie. I really wish that he drops that horrible fake accent he tries to stir up sometimes, cos I can’t tell whether he’s speaking English or French.

Chigozie Atuanya. I don’t know, let’s just say Chigozie has gotten better with time because this role, this character, this rendition he gave didn’t do much for me.

The extras were torturous and I think Ruth Kadiri was about the only person I really liked in this movie.

 -Setting: [2 out of 5] Fair. One could definitely have found better, more convincing sets for some scenes (like the bank meeting scene)

 -Costume/Make-Up: [2 out of 5] I don’t understand the things Chika Ike wears (there I said it). In every movie, every time you see her, there’s something wrong with her outfit. It’s either she’s wearing the most ridiculous color combinations or she’s wearing a see-through top without anything on the inside, so I’m just seeing your bra (which by the way is not fitted right). I don’t understand how someone will wear a Green top, black waist coat and a carry a bright yellow purse. I mean, shining like the sun abi? Someone is in dire need of Ezinne Chinkata’s services.

-Props and Graphics: [3 out of 5] Fair

-Video Quality: [3 out of 5] Could have been better

-Audio Quality [2 out of 5] A bit inconsistent in a couple of scenes

-Soundtrack: [3 out of 5] Not bad

-Musical Score: [3 out of 5] Near impressive

Breath of Love, 3.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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    its not an igbo man thing, I’m yoruba and have only dated nigerians who are igbo they had no problem talking about their problems. its more of a macho male pride thing. cos italians and spanish guys do it. it just seems that way that its an igbo thing cos they are more traditional and egotistical than others but traditional men of other tribes to do it

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    Ah! So it’s an ego thing then. It’s a very annoying ego thing but you make a good point

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