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Crippled Kingdom

Posted November 2, 2012 by in Drama
crippled kingdom









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SYNOPSIS: The Prince of the land is quadriplegic. He feels as though he is a burden to everyone around him. His girl friend breaks up with him and there is a conspiracy within the palace so he chooses to stay away. Now the kingdom thinks their prince is dead. In the face of one lost prince and another assumed dead prince, the king has no heir. The throne is in danger.
Parts/Divisions: The sequel to "Crippled Kingdom" is called "Weeping King". The movie has four parts: Crippled Kingdom part 1 and part 2, then Weeping King part 1 and part 2.
Cast: Yul Edochie, Mercy Johnson, Livinus Nnochiri, Vitalis Ndubuisi, Chinyere Wilfred, Joyce Kalu, Walter Anga, Eve Esin, Solomon Akiyesi, Emma Umeh, David Ogbeni


Yul Edochie as a quadruplegic


Amateurish camera work

-Story: [3 out of 5] Yes! It appears to be yet another Royal Storyline starring the usual royal crew (i.e Mercy Johnson, Yul Edochie and Joyce Kalu) and in as much as I’m not promising some Titanic-level-of-awesomeness, I still believe that if you have to see a “Royal” movie, then maybe (just maybe) you might […]

by Nollywood REinvented
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-Story: [3 out of 5] Yes! It appears to be yet another Royal Storyline starring the usual royal crew (i.e Mercy Johnson, Yul Edochie and Joyce Kalu) and in as much as I’m not promising some Titanic-level-of-awesomeness, I still believe that if you have to see a “Royal” movie, then maybe (just maybe) you might want to consider putting this one at the top of your list


-Originality: [2 out of 5] From the synopsis, you can tell that the movie starts off headed for ‘the same old, same old’ path, only this time with a couple added twists (that we’ve, for the most part, seen before).  I do, however, think that the new quadriplegic angle was nice and did much to add to the ‘flavor’ of this movie.


-Predictability: [1 out of 5] For the most part, the movie was very comme ci, comme ca as regards predictability. The one thing I didn’t see coming, however, was the end. I definitely expected that Yul would somehow stand up and walk and suddenly be healed (as is common with most other Nollywood movies)


-Directing/Editing: [1 out of 5] The camera man needs to be arrested and shot… I mean, he needs to be held captive for this “mmegheli” (misbehavior). It was really annoying to see such amateurish camera work for a story that held so much potential. The mediocrity of the directing, tainted what had the potential to be a decent movie. Sometimes the camera would just be shaking aimlessly, other times there was something blocking the camera, other times it was zooming about like an epileptic… it was really just generally frustrating. Aside from suffering from a severe case of confused camera work, this movie is also suffering from several bouts of overly prolonged scenes. Haba! There are honestly some things that no one needs to know/see. The igbo wasn’t subtitled in the movie. The lip synching was terrible.


-Acting quality: [3 out of 5] Apart from the quadriplegic twist, the other most impressive thing about this movie was the acting.

I usually get on Yul’s case for refusing to play any other role aside from that of a prince. Yet, even though he played the role of a prince in this movie I am still really impressed by his work, especially as a quadriplegic. I mean, not once did this guy move any other part of his body in this movie other than his head. Chei! Nna, I commend you though. It isn’t easy!

Mercy Johnson did an amazing job, as she’s known to. Solomon Akiyesi is an amazing actor. I see David Ogbeni progressing as an actor and getting stronger from scene to scene. I absolutely loved Eve Esin’s role in this movie. The extras were not that horrible of actors, so I’m thankful. 


-Setting: [3 out of 5] Ok


-Costume/Make-Up: [2 out of 5] The queen’s attire at some point looked like she had rolled up in multi colored bedsheets in the name of royal costume. I get that Uche Nancy is trying to get creative but somethings are just downright comical. Asides from that, most of the guard’s attires and individual costumes were on point.


-Props and Graphics: [3 out of 5] Not bad


-Video Quality: [3 out of 5] Fair


-Audio Quality [3 out of 5] Good


-Soundtrack: [0 out of 5] If there was one single aspect in which this movie vexated me, it was music. Just the absolute ‘wrongest’ selection of songs. It was just a disaster. Using Mat Andasun’s “De la luna” for scenes where you should be playing Melanie Fiona’s “It kills me”. Or just that horrible nonsense where they were playing some rubbish Hannah Montana concoction during the car-ride scene. 

The official soundtrack for the movie was ok


-Musical Score: [3 out of 5] Ok

Crippled Kingdom, 4.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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    Question? And it is not a rhetorical one. Is this the season of the crippled in Nollywood because every movie these days has something to do with cripples. Nollywood can overdo something sha. Meanwhile, Yul was just too good in this movie. I mean I started thinking that maybe something had really happened to him in real life. It was too believable. He’s hot too but I don’t mess with married men. All in all, movie was great.

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    I loved the quadriplegic thing and as regards your question lol, even me sef dey wonder o… I think I’ve seen two or three within a very short period of time. Haha, it’s one of those Nollywood fads that hopefully end fast

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    just watched Weeping Kingdom and realized this review. It’s really good but whats up with those random backgound music and things. looool, reading back your review now ahhahahahaha, ‘Hannah Montana concoction during the car ride scene’ loooooooooooool tha’s exactly what made me come here. loooool
    *tears in my eyes*
    love your reviews. they are right on point!

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    Wow nice movie, but my question is who sang the lovely song in this movie crippled kingdom? i love da song it actually attracted me to watch da movie

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