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Chidera (What God has written)

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25/ 100

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Synopsis: Chidera is the story of 19-year old Dera who gets pregnant for her boyfriend due to family pressure. Scared and confused, she abandons her baby in the hospital, leaving her to be taken care of by her boyfriend. She returns ten years later looking different, having had facial reconstructive surgery. As fate would have it, she meets Jay, her former boyfriend, again. Jay does not realize who she is and he falls in love with her again. However, her daughter, Jenny gives her a hard time, because she believes her mother will come back some day. Dera is torn between keeping quiet about the truth, and revealing her true identity at the risk of losing her boyfriend and daughter.
Parts/Divisions: The movie, Chidera, has two parts: Chidera (What God Has Written) Part 1 and Part 2.
Memorable Lines/Scenes: "Destiny can never be changed. It can only be delayed" "God has given us a choice with friends, not with family"
Cast: Martha Ankomah, Paul Sambo, Amaka Mordi, Camilla Mberekpe, Roy Denani


Martha in a good role for once


Bad execution

I think the one thing that pissed me off the most about the movie was that it was a highly anticipated movie (for some), had a lot of in-your-face PR (depending on where your face is) and to state it simply, a lot was expected from it.

by Nollywood REinvented
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-Story: [2 out of 5] If you’d type this as a story and begin it with “Once upon a time…” and end it with “…and that was the story of Chidera”, I’d be interested. It’s interesting (enough) as a structure but I’m not sure that I was in any way impressed by what the movie turned out to be.


-Originality: [2 out of 5] So you dump your daughter and then years later you come back for her. Yes! It’s been done before (the only example that immediately comes to mind for me is Adjetey Anang and Ebi Bright in “Adams Apples: Rescue Mission) but this movie gives it a different spice and a different angle.


-Predictability: [1 out of 5] Indeed, it was predictable


-Directing/Editing: [2 out of 5] I think the one thing that pissed me off the most about the movie was that it was a highly anticipated movie (for some), had a lot of in-your-face PR (depending on where your face is) and to state it simply, a lot was expected from it. Then it comes in 20 minutes with horrible photography that make Martha Ankomah look fatter than she already is or make Paul Sambo look mkpumkpu (short). I’m pretty certain that’s not the stuff great movies are made of. In short, there was not much art to the cinematography is all I have to say but kudos on making a two part movie.

-Acting quality: [2 out of 5] In the beginning of this movie I absolutely adored Amaka Mordi (the child actress). I loved her energy. Her vigor. Her charisma….. I just loved the kid! Then somewhere in there, I started noticing the parts where she was simply reciting her lines. I guess not everyone can be Imogen Hogg (kid actress from Ghanaian movie, “Trinity). Regardless, Amaka was still the standout act in this film for me. Here are some presuppositions I started watching this movie with: 1) I don’t like Martha Ankomah 2) I have hope in Paul Sambo 3) Camilla Mberekpe will be the evil character. Number three came through fast fast (because that’s how cliched Nollywood roles are). Martha Ankomah, however, was better than she usually is but I still don’t think she is that great of an actress. She was generally, not bad (except for when she was). I felt like there were way too many scenes in which she and Paul Sambo were grossly over acting. Speaking of Paul Sambo (whom I used to adore), I am beginning to feel like there is a general fakeness about him (not him, as in his person, but him as in his on screen presence). That accent seems unnatural for starters, at other times the acting just doesn’t click with the viewer. I don’t know why I was watching this movie and then felt an increased desire to watch an Uche Nancy film (and need I mention that I am not the biggest fan of Uche Nancy films). The extras were terrible (abeg, na from where una take import the person way play Nancy? Is it too late to get full refund?). And finally… That. Wedding. Kiss. Chei! Paul o… you wan stick your entire tongue inside Martha? Ki lo de? (see images on left)


-Setting: [2 out of 5] It made absolutely no sense to me how they were preparing to go to the beach and then in the next scene they were in a forest ????


-Costume/Make-Up: [3 out of 5] Somebody shout Hallelujah! for Martha Ankomah actually wore decent clothes in this movie. Absolutely loved her character’s wedding gown.


-Props and Graphics: [3 out of 5] Good


-Video Quality: [2 out of 5] not a big fan of the lighting


-Audio Quality [1 out of 5] Extremely inconsistent


-Soundtrack: [4 out of 5] I absolutely love movies that introduce me to new music (explains why I’m a huge Shirley Frimpong fan). The song at the end of this movie is Obim O by Paul Agubata (I tried to embed it but too much copyright restrictions for RealNollyMovies…)


-Musical Score: [3 out of 5] Fair


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Chidera (What God has written), 7.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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    This movie is so so interesting. I haven’t felt this way about a film before , Martha Ankomah knew what she wanted to act and did it so well, Paul Sambo was so real and passionate that at a point I felt that Amaka Mordi was truly his daughter, his change of voice and his expressions were very very superb and on the other hand my angel Amaka Mordi was exceptional, her acting left me speechless, she didn’t just speak but she expressed herself perfectly well not forgetting the fact that she is a kid, she added those childlike behaviours which made her so real and believeable . I don’t repeat films that I have watched but I can tell you that I have repeated this films more than 12 times and am not bored yet. This film is really so so beautiful .

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    i think you need to watch this movie again. Paul Sambo played the fatherly role to a T. You can see the father and daughter relationship he had and you will understand the bond they share. Martha was just okay and that kid actress did her possible best in majority of the roles… me,i have seen worse kid actresses in Nollywood. i will give the movie 6 out of 10 based on Paul Sambos role and that kid.

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