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I Sing of a Well

Posted August 1, 2012 by in Drama
i sing of a well








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78/ 100

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Genre: ,
Synopsis: When Prince Wenambe hands the little kingdom of Kotengbi over to Mansa Musa to protect, he wins the throne from His father. To ascend the throne though, he must find a wife. His choice is the beautiful Soraya who is betrothed to Dume the hunter. He is Prince and what he wants he gets, Wenambe marries Soraya in the time when Mansa Musa begins to sell the Kingdom of Kotengbi to slave traders.
Parts/Divisions: The movie, I sing of a well, has only one part: I sing of a well part 1
Memorable Lines/Scenes: "I only speak what I see" "My niece is not a cheap fowl given on sentiments"
Cast: John Agyeman, Akofa Asiedu, Godwin Kotey, Kofi Mends, Doris Sackitey, Prince David Osei, Luckie Lawson
Introduction: Like every other Leila Djansi fan, I was really excited to see "I Sing of a Well" and because I couldn't see it as soon as it was released due to my location I had to wait until it was available on DVD but rest assured that as soon as it came out on DVD late 2010, I was in front of the line. It just recently dawned on me that I had never done a review for this movie so now, on to the review...


Original storyline

The folly of choice. Wenambe becomes a pawn of the gods; taunted daily by Alarka the old seer, he turns into a man troubled and confused, not even the son Soraya bears him is able to wipe away his shame. He becomes a ruler of slaves, but the gods still weave an intricate web, yarn after yarn, a new era is born, a new hope, though lined with the arrival of other slave traders even more powerful than Mansa Musa himself

by Nollywood REinvented
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-Story: [4 out of 5] The story spans a couple of years in historical Ghana. I really like the old/traditional movie appeal. It is indeed an interesting story. I heard that the movie was supposed to be a trilogy, this would explain the end, which I’d describe as a bit anti-climatic but it seems the other 2 parts of this trilogy might not be forthcoming seeing as we’re in 2012 and I’ve not heard word of it as yet.


-Originality: [5 out of 5] The movie seemed reminiscent of many old stories to me and yet entirely different. I got an Aamir Khan in “Laagan” feel from it simply because of the paying homage to another to protect your people from others. The love story within it got me thinking of Izu Ojukwu’s “The Child” for reasons even I can’t explain. Like many others, I also got a Lion King feel from this movie with the whole domineering king attitude and indeed to a certain extent the movie had biblical motifs. Yet, it held its own in originality.


-Predictability: [5 out of 5] The normal African movie appeal and the silent golden rule of most African romance stories, in that “Every Lover must have a happy ending”, does not apply to this story. Yes! I was expecting it to… but with Leila Djansi, expect the unexpected (or is that… Pascal Amanfo?)


-Directing/Editing: [4 out of 5] I’m a big fan of Leila Djansi so it might indeed take a “legion of slaves” for me to say a negative word. However, if the need arises I will but as yet it hasn’t. Indeed, there was a lot of controversy and drama surrounding the making of this movie that has, as it seems, stalled the production of the remaining parts of this trilogy. I will not go into the details of the drama for two reasons 1) this is a movie review site. I think there are enough people as it is spreading rumors, we don’t need me to join them. And 2) because I don’t like to read about rumors and fights before a review so as to prevent any biases. I like to review a person’s work and not a person’s character. Regardless, I do hope there is more to come.


-Acting quality: [4 out of 5] Akofa Asiedu as a young delectable woman that two brave, ready-to-fight-till-the-last-drop-of-blood men are dying for, was a good actress in that she executed her role regardless the face did not fit the role in that she looks too old and I don’t think it’s practical to think that she was so beautiful that out of all the girls in the village, it was her the king was dying for. Prince David Osei, I’d have to say that this is indeed the first time I am seeing him in an appropriate role. Enough of all that Frank Rajah-ish things he is always doing where he plays the same role over and over, film after film. Everybody else gave a splendid performance


-Setting: [5 out of 5] Amazing set. It reeked of ‘effort’. Work was actually put into it


-Costume/Make-Up: [4 out of 5] Job well done.


-Props and Graphics: [5 out of 5] On Point


-Video Quality: [4 out of 5] Amazing cinematography. Amazing video quality. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing


-Audio Quality [4 out of 5] On point


-Soundtrack: [5 out of 5] Loved it even though I had no clue what was being said


-Musical Score: [5 out of 5] Nicely done


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    Nolly ,I really enjoyed this movie.And I also thought that the lead actress could have been someone younger.For eg. Martha Ankomah or even Luckie Lawson could have been the lead in the movie. Another memorable line in the movie is” My niece is not a cheap fowl given on sentiment.” This was when Soraya’s mother was begging her in law to reduce Soraya’s bride price for Dume. Rest in peace Mr Godwin Kotey the lead actor as Dume.

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    i read somewhere that leila wanted to use naa ashorkor mensah doku (adams apples fame)’to compete with the market’ but akorfa refused, and since she was the producer, leila had to go along with it. leila said that herself in an interview.

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    yeah, just like sheila frimpong manso, leila believes its not known faces that makes a movie good. in adams apples it was only 3 known faces and the unknown ones did justice to their characters. i think we need new faces in the industry. anyway congrat for this site, i dont waste time and money anymore. thank you very much

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    you are very much welcome……………. i hope its not a bad english oh, i dont want to be reviewed lol

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      Hahahaha lmao… you’ve got jokes!

      you must not be reading my reviews o, nobody gbagauns as much as me. Everytime I reread a review, there’s always a typo. But you’re fine darling lol

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