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Screnplay: ,
Synopsis: CHECK MATE comes with a theme "play smart or lose everything" in a story about Kwame Asante (Senanu Gbedawo), who has made all the right movies in his life thus far: a good job, a beautiful devoted wife, an adorable child, and a pending promotion as a senior customs officer at the airport.
Parts/Divisions: The movie, Checkmate, has only one part. It might be sold in two parts at your DVD store.
Memorable Lines/Scenes: "We choose whether to be queens or pawns" -Ekow Blankson (as Kiki Newton)
Cast: Nadia Buari, Senanu Gbedawo, Ekow Blankson, KSM, Kwaku Boateng, Khareema Aquiar, Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku


The suspense


Seems to drag

His ambition to become the Member of Parliament(MP) for his village drove him into politics. Getting in contact with Kiki Newton (Ekow Blankson), a drug lord who covers as a Real Estate Agent. He saved Kwame Asante from disgrace at a gas station once and that was how the drama began on what would turn out to be one of Kwame Asante’s biggest life regrets. Or is it?

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-Story: [4 out of 5] There’s a reason this movie took me so long to conclude: I just couldn’t seem to get past the first few scenes. I had read the synopsis so I was pretty certain I knew what was going to happen. Plus the cast wasn’t that much of an encouragement (I mean… Nadia? Really? And who is this new guy?) However, I still wanted to see the movie. If not for anything, then because it was a Shirley Frimpong movie. Regardless, whenever I started… I always fell asleep. Well, I eventually made my way through it and it really wasn’t that bad. I loved loved loved the last lines of dialogue by Naa Ashorkor:

“I found this in your pocket! Who the hell is she and why is Ewurama calling her ‘aunty’?”

-Originality: [2 out of 5] For an African movie? Maybe! But definitely a concept that has been repeated numerous times over
-Predictability: [3 out of 5] Like I said earlier, I didn’t want to see this movie because I felt I knew what was going to happen so why waste my time. But the last couple of scenes definitely saved this movie from being overly-predictable. Well done Shirley!
-Directing/Editing: [4 out of 5] Three words: Under. Water. Scenes. In an African movie? That’s a first… I mean, maybe it has been done before but I doubt it was ever done so well (if you disagree, leave proof in the comments). However, Shirley and Ken and Chris and everyone involved did a good job with this.
-Acting quality: [4 out of 5] Like I said about Tonto Dikeh in “Private Enemy“, it takes a great director to bring out the best in an actor. Complacent directors get mediocre performances and trust me when I say Shirley is anything but complacent. I don’t know how she did it but she definitely brought a new Nadia to the screen. Alright! Maybe not entirely new but at least a better Nadia than all the Nadia’s we had been seeing prior to this movie. Loved Loved Loved Senanu Gbedawo. See, I’m a bit backwards and it’s for this reason that the first time I saw him was in 
“The Adams Apples Series” in which he played the role of Eric, Babaa’s ‘lover’. After a couple scenes of him in that movie, I had to pause and google him (<–which is the ultimate compliment I can give). He did an amazing job for a first timer. Naa was a bit of a one-leg-in-one-leg-out for me. Sometimes she was good. She was digging it and just embracing the character. Other times I was shaking my head like “you call that acting?”. Khareema and Ekow were brilliant. Love seeing KSM! (I can’t explain this my new found love) and everyone else was at the least, impressive.
-Setting: [4 out of 5] Great. Loved the actual use of an airport
-Costume/Make-Up: [4 out of 5] Ah! All I have to say is… NADIA’S HAIR! Dayum girl… I think that was the same hair cut/weave she had in “Holding Hope“. It’s a good look on her (although the rate at which baby girl was changing the hair just made me think it was a wig. And if it is… then in the words of Mario Winans “I don’t wanna know”). And ofcourse, everyone else looked amazing from Senanu in his uniform to Naa Ashorkor in her ankara. 
-Props and Graphics: [4 out of 5] Under water scene and airport scene… enough said!
-Video Quality: [4 out of 5] Good
-Audio Quality [3 out of 5] Ok
-Soundtrack: [3 out of 5] Loved ‘em
-Musical Score: [4 out of 5] Nicely done


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    I absolutely love the movie!!!

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    izu ojukwu has already done the underwater scene in “across the niger”, and what makes his own stand out was that his underwater scene was much longer.

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      As if I knew you’d be the one to disprove that lol

      But yeah… I haven’t seen ACROSS THE NIGER. And now that I think about it, I probably should get around to that movie fast

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    What I can make or your taking so long to complete this movie is that:
    1. You did not find it very interesting.
    2. You have seen many movies with that story line and even more interesting. I guess?

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    I didn’t like the movie. It is strange because I loved most things in it: the main actor, Nadia’s acting, the sceneries etc. but for me the story didn’t quite work. And in the end what I thought was : “What an amazing but boring movie”! Lol

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