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SYNOPSIS: A story that revolves around different families and relationships. Ebube (Van Vicker) wallows in deceit towards his wife, Wiyemi (Stephanie Okereke), living under the same roof but little did she know that his bride awaits him.
Parts/Divisions: The movie, Reloaded, has only two parts: Reloaded part 1 and part 2
Memorable Lines/Scenes: Stephanie Okereke kidnaps Van Vicker on his wedding day and goes crazy in a white wedding gown, force-feeding him cake that would have been their wedding cake as she says: "I've been under the knife 6 times! Six times for you"
Cast: Ini Edo, Desmond Elliot, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Ramsey Noah, Rita Dominic, Mbong Amata, Van Vicker, Stephanie Okereke, Uche Jombo, Monalisa Chinda
Introduction: "I do the same thing every month of every year. I cook for you, clean for you, fuck you, run errands for you and still you don't want to make me your wife." - Stephanie Okereke (Reloaded) "If you don't discipline yourself and control your insatiable libido... I will control it for you" - Nse Ikpe-Etim (Reloaded) "If this is what marriage to you is all about then I want to be single" - Ini Edo (Reloaded) "When is 'cheating' cheating?" - Uche Jombo (Reloaded)

A completely independent sort of semi-sequel to the movie, “Games Men Play”, this movie is the definition of a classic 2000s Nollywood movie (or as close to a classic as we’ve ever come). I say this because the movie never gets old. I’ve seen it numerous times before, yet, it still has the capacity to keep one glued to the screens

by Nollywood REinvented
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-Story: [4 out of 5] A completely independent sort of semi-sequel to the movie, “Games Men Play”, this movie is the definition of a classic 2000s Nollywood movie (or as close to a classic as we’ve ever come). I say this because the movie never gets old. I’ve seen it numerous times before, yet, it still has the capacity to keep one glued to the screens.


-Originality: [3 out of 5] Reloaded is a collection of stories that we have seen before into an individual whole of a movie (and in two parts only)… so it’s arguably unoriginal judging from story but the concept is new… at least it was when it was released.


-Predictability: [1 out of 5] Most things in this movie were if not entirely predictable then very near predictable but one thing I definitely did not see coming was Rita Dominic’s character’s boyfriend and his…. lemme not spoil it for you.


-Directing/Editing: [3 out of 5] I absolutely love the cast line up. Good cinematography. But above all, I think the best thing about it is that they’re able to do all this in only two parts.


-Acting quality: [4 out of 5] Everyone from Ini to Rita to Stephanie to Uche to Ramsey to Desmond to Van to Mona did what we know them for… sheer awesomeness! They carried their roles effortlessly. Delivered skillfully and contributed significantly to the greatness that was this movie. Mbong… after seeing her in Amazing Grace I didn’t think she was that amazing of an actor. There was and still is room for improvement. This was one of the first movies I had seen Nse Ikpe-Etim in and this is honestly where my love started from (actually it started from that “insatiable libido” line… ha! I must use that line before I die sha… hopefully I never find myself in such a situation though). 


-Setting: [3 out of 5] Good


-Costume/Make-Up: [4 out of 5] Well done Temisan and Uche


-Props and Graphics: [3 out of 5] On Point


-Video Quality: [4 out of 5] Ok especially considering the year of production


-Audio Quality [2 out of 5] A couple sudden changes in timbre here and there


-Soundtrack: [3 out of 5] Good


-Musical Score: [4 out of 5] Nicely done


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    D movie is nice bt dis ur 8/10 na iim dey fear me oo…wen u rate dis one 8/10, I wonder how u’ll rate movies like IJE, Lions of 76, Phone Swap, Last Flight to Abuja etc. Those movies dat r raising d standard of nollywood, maybe u’ll rate dem 15/ believe no nolly movies should b rated even 7/10, at least not yet…I dunno d standard u use in rating movies bt I think u’r overrating ur movies…even Hollywood’s Rotten Tomatoe hardly rate holly movies 8/10… No offence oo, jst a suggestion…tnx


      Lol no probblem, I’ve had to explain this a couple of times so I have no problem reiterating it again.

      I read reviews on rotten tomatoes from time to time and other Hollywood review sites and I think they are all fine and dandy but when creating NR and our review system I held a couple of things in mind

      1) This is Nollywood. Not Hollywood. We are still growing and there is always room for improvement. Putting our movies on a pedestal or trying to compare her with Hollywood or Bollywood will get us nowhere as we are younger and need to make our own mistakes

      2) I read a description of the U.S. constitution somewhere that described it as a ‘live’ document. i.e it is not set in stone and is subject to change as the times change and society grows. I like to think of the NR rating system in the same way. When we start making movies like Avengers then one can become more critical with other subordinate movies. Even as at now, after seeing movies like Sinking Sands my ratings have become a tad bit harsher and picky. And when we get to that level, I’ll also become harsher and even more picky. I see no point to having a 10 point rating system if I’m going to be reviewing all movies in the range of 0.001/10 – 2/10. Instead I’d rather use the others and when the standards change, when we as an industry grow stronger, when our talents become further mastered, when equipments are widely available, when we get government support, when there are funds and the means to make BETTER/GREATER movies available amongst us THEN I’ll become harsher because then there is no excuse. This is the same reason I won’t review a movie older than 2007 because the resources available to Nollywood now (that have been available to Hollywood since before 2007) was not available to nollywood when she was producing movies like Blood Sisters or Living in Bondage.

      3) Think of the industry as a child. She is still growing… punish her for things done wrong and reward her for things done right.

      Movies like Phone Swap and Last Flight to Abuja and the rest that you speak of… will still be rated on the same standards that I use for every other movie. Even with all the attention they garner, I doubt they will make a full on 10/10. Not because I see to it that no movie will get a 10/10 but because everyone makes mistake

      What I’m saying is, I’ve seen Nollywood reviewers that believe like you do that no African movie is at the standard of a 7/10 yet like Ms. Tilii but in my opinion if you are going to be rating a movie on micro mini-ridiculous scales of 0.00000001 out of 10 then why are all the other digits available?

      If you think I’m overrating movies then think of it as the NR way… when you read reviews on NR, you begin to get a general idea of the kind of movies that get a 6.8 rating and if to you that deserves a 0.02 then you can do the transfer/analysis in your head. So that when you see my review for an Adams Apples movie and I rate it 9.5, you can do the conversion in your head according to your standards and take it to mean a 3.5 or whatever you come up with.

      Again, I try to abide to the Nollywood REinvented vision which is not only honesty to the movie watchers but FAIRNESS to the movie makers. Because only after you’ve seen the effort these people put into these movies can you truly appreciate their work.

      Thank you for your comment though cos I imagine many people have the same question


      Have you even watched LAST FLIGHT TO ABUJA to make such a statement? This movie is MILES better. Don’t always believe the hype… ie LIES. This is even better than Groom’s Bride. I’m actually upset that this could get a lower rating than Groom’s Bride


      This is one of those few comments I get on NR every once in a while that makes me wish I use the facebook commenting system so I can LIKE your comment.

      Somethings just speak for themselves jare


      Dear nollywood forever, how do u knw dat dis movie is miles better dan last flight? From ur comment, it seems u have issues maybe wit d producer, director or even d hype d movie is receiving…d anon dat commented first mentioned oda movies but in ur arguement u jst have to mention Last FLight to abuja…as for me, I have seen last flight to abuja here in London and I think its a great movie…Kudos to d producers. Thnx


    I love your comment NR…its really true


    actually interested in seeing this movie. love the cast line up.


    I had not watched a Nollywood film in years until I saw Reloaded. It was fantastic that I had to start watching Nollywood again.

    I fell in love with Nse and three years later, the love has grown stronger.

    Then Stephanie should have won some award. There was one she didn’t win and I always told people that the only reason she didn’t win was perhaps because the role wasn’t a ‘starring’ role like that.

    I noted some of the points you made…

    First dialogue you mention was fantastic.

    Then the cake scene… Apart from a scene in Ije, that’s my favourite scene in a Nollywood film.

    Whenever you review such movies, will always try and comment.

    Your first review that I am reading and I’m impressed. Keep it up.


      Yes!!!! It’s always a pleasure to a see someone rehooked (if that’s even a word)on Nolly!

      It’s nearly impossible to not love Nse, true talent like hers is becoming harder and harder to find.

      Nice… you’ve seen IJE? How was it?

      Thanks a lot, I appreciate it and by God’s grace we will 🙂


      I meant “it’s always a pleasure to SEE…”. I have no clue what language I’m speaking sometimes smh


      Ije was very nice. One of the movies I have paid 1500 to see (usually go when I’ll pay 500, 600 or 1000). Was lucky it was also showing in one of my trips to Lagos.

      Had a lot of Hollywood touch. Actually felt like what a young female version of Clint Eastwood did. It was very nice. And to know she was about my age or so, made me respect her more.

      I always say Nolly/Gollywood has the makers of Ties That Bind as our best option at an Oscar. But if Chinaeze’s second feature is better than Ije, then we could well be counting on her too.

      Sorry for replying now.


      Nice that’s really encouraging. I think now I’m even more willing to dish out that $20-30 and buy the DVD. Thanks Anon


      You welcome.


    NSE NSE NSE!!! oh Lord nse has my heart mehn.This girl is a BORN ACTRESS!! she acts like there is no camera behind her so natural a person.Mehn if i see her i’ll bow down o.What she needs now na correct branding and packaging kai she has everything u want in a superstar mehn.Abeg na omotola’s die hard fan dey talk but am honest biko heheheheh.


      I’m telling you nna.. the babe is something and the amazing thing is you haven’t seen anything yet.

      The movies Nse is currently working on for 2013 will blow ALL OF US away.

      I love what you said “she acts like there is no camera behind her”


    This is a great movie No doubt,this is a movie to see not the one s with those Useless Homosexuals and actresses going naked to be popular,yet they cant act,they should watch this movie and see good acting


    i love NSE!!! nice reply to the first comment. and i love ur blog…kisses


    i loved the movie BUT didnt they get anyone to play van vickers character, the dude cannot act, a speech polished version of frank artus


      Lmao @ “a speech polished version of Frank Artus”

      hahahhahaha lwkmd… I swear, some of the funniest creatures on earth comment on NR. How do y’all come up with these things lol

      But personally, I don’t think Van is that bad of an actor. He could be better and at least he has improved since Beyonce days.

      I think Artus might just be a better actor than Van… just that speech problem is hell


    Last Flight to Abuja was a total waste of my cinema money and the CGI insulted my intelligence on all scales. Using my money to watch that movie was like paying someone to insult me! If I had known, I would have used my money to buy chicken & chips and then happily enjoyed my food.

    My advice for Nollywooders both old & new generation is this: If you don’t have enough funds to do at least a decent blow em up/disaster movie, please stick to romance/drama/comedy! It’s not by force to compete with Air Force One & Snakes on a Plane!


      Chei! I’m really beginning to get scared about this LAST FLIGHT TO ABUJA film cos I really don’t want my intelligence insulted

      Cos any movie that even attempts to hint at insulting my intelligence in this period in time will probably get a worse review than Blackberry Babes. I shan’t curse the chicken before it hatches so I shall save my words for after I must have seen last flight to abuja (at the rate at which things are going, that will probably not happen till 2013-4)


      Ah really? That is scary oh. I have been waiting to watch that movie. You see? This is my problem with paying for movies, sometimes you pay and then you don’t even get half the value of your money back. I saw IJE free and it was nice, I saw The Figurine online free and legal too. I saw Holding Hope, I’ll Take my Chances, Damage, Single and Married free too. It’s just too annoying paying and then watching rubbish. The problem is just the hype that follow such movies, it paints the movies in such a marvelous glow that it raises your hope top notch only for it to be shattered and dashed in a million pieces. I loved loved loved Reloaded, you know with all the improvement in our movie Industry, I sometimes just sit back and enjoy timeless classics with all the loud soundtrack and dragging scenes and I even prefer some of them; at least the story line to today’s scripts that are just filled with wonderful cinematography, beautiful houses and terrible acting though this does not apply to all the movies.

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