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Synopsis: Mr & Mrs Jejeloye (Femi Adebayo & Toyin Aimakhu) are always at each other on any slight argument. Family members have tried talking them out of this character so it won't affect their only daughter but this couple call the sparks between them Love! Could this be love?
Parts/Divisions: The movie, Jejeloye, has only one part.
Memorable Lines/Scenes: "I am very posh... very tush! I was born and brought up in Lekki. Your father now met me... married me... and brought me to Omole Phase I" - Toyin Aimahku (Jejeloye)
Cast: Femi Adebayo, Toyin Aimahku, Kunle Afod, Fausat Balogun, Olusoji Taiwo, Ninu Ere
Introduction: Presenter: How long have you guys been together? Mr. Jejeloye: Odun Mejo (Eight years) Mrs. Jejeloye: Hmmmmm...... Ayobami!!!!! Stop Lying! Eight Years... three months


Teaches a morale


Resembles a couple other movies

I knew the guy could act… it was incontestable. However, something was still off. It was his grammar!

by Nollywood REinvented
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-Story: [3 out of 5] I really thought it was an interesting storyline. It was funny and at the same time thought provoking (for those who are easily provoked to thought lol). I do have to say two things though: 1) I reject this kain bipolar love 2) That sex scene/after marriage scene was just the embodiment of awkwardness… mba… no no no! I know y’all are tryna be conservative but that was a failure


-Originality: [1 out of 5] In the beginning of the movie I thought the movie was a bit like “Why Marry“. But ofcourse there are a couple problems with that theory. First of all, Why Marry is a two cast movie and this one is not. The couple in why marry never beat each other… these ones did. And why marry was already a stolen Yoruba movie on its own. However, towards the end of the movie it becomes glaringly obvious that this is very much like Uche Jombo’s “Damage” movie (only the first part of the trilogy starring Kalu Ikeagwu).


-Predictability: [2 out of 5] The thing with a story like this is that we all know that the only possible ending is that something bad will happen. Now… that ‘bad thing’ that will happen.. what is it? That’s the reason why we sit through the entire thing (and in this case, the entire thing was just one part… so it really wasn’t that bad). Its ending was nothing like the damage ending. The damage ending was sadder… yes! But different is good


-Directing/Editing: [2 out of 5] Yes yes yes! I know it’s a one part movie and should probably have a higher rating on this under normal circumstances (the movie even had more cinematography than your average ‘all star cast’ film). But! That subtitling was beyond me. Ok ok.. I’ve seen worse. This is afterall still Yollywood we are talking about. However, is it too much to ask for proper subs in ONE movie. If it’s not incomplete subs, it will be typos in the subs or improper translations or incorrect grammar (all of which this movie was guilty of). The reason why I never watched “Okon In Lagos” (and it’s still sitting on my counter) is because of the subtitling. How can Bishop Umeh rant on for 3 minutes straight with the “Mbok mbok Abasi… mbong” tinz and the same 3 word sentence will be showing on my screen as the subtitling? Nna… hapu that tin (leave that thing), I will not miss out on the humor. Same thing for this movie. I thank God that it wasn’t that bad for me… when they didn’t subtitle I could usually deduce what they were saying from gestures or thanks to the little Yoruba I had learned in Lagos.


-Acting quality: [3 out of 5] Lmao at Yoruba actors and their English. I remember the first time I saw Femi Adebayo on screen… it was in the first Ruth Kadiri screenplay I’d ever seen, “Ladies Men“. I knew the guy could act… it was incontestable. However, something was still off. It was his grammar! Ah!!! My guy no fit do the English thing (at least not as well as he can do the Yoruba thing). Prior to that movie, I had never seen him before… for all I knew he was a fresher (evidently, I’m not big on Yollywood). Then I was watching TV one day and I saw him on screen… speaking Yoruba…. EHEN! Now it all makes sense. Ofcourse, Femi’s English is not half as bad as Toyin’s but that is inconsequential because this is a Yoruba movie! Nobody gats toh speak the hengrish… it’s all about the mother tongue. Femi is an amazing actor really… just because of people like him and Femi Branch (hehe I only know him because I saw him in “Asiri), I might actually get hooked on Yolly. The other person I wanted to address in this movie was the child actor. The kid that played Tomiwa. She did a good enough job on her character but one thing that made no sense to me was her emoting… like for instance, her teacher tells her to kneel down and raise her hands up in the corner and the girl starts smiling. Smiling? You be aje? I mean, is it not only little kids that are witches that smile when they are punished? (at least in Nollywood).


-Setting: [3 out of 5] Ok 


-Costume/Make-Up: [2 out of 5] Not bad even though I was of the opinion that they could have found… better?… mba, more body flattering outfits for Toyin.


-Props and Graphics: [3 out of 5] Ok


-Video Quality: [2 out of 5] Didn’t like the lighting especially in the presenter’s studio


-Audio Quality [3 out of 5] Good


-Soundtrack: [3 out of 5] Loved it… when he was speaking Yoruba. As soon as he started saying things in English? Mbanu… please no…. But the tune is actually not bad


-Musical Score: [3 out of 5] Well done


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    LMAO this film was soooooooooooo funny.Toyin aimakhu can act same with femi but toyin i love the way she combines her yoruba and English hahahah.The film is actually educating something dat happenes in Nigeria alot parents fighting in front of their kids,it was really good.

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    yes you got the spelling wrong it mejo

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