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The Game

Posted July 24, 2012 by in Action/Adventure
the game









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Genre: ,
SYNOPSIS: Shennel (Yvonne Nelson) is an assassin who is hired by Teddy Elbert (Majid Michel) to kill his brother Bill (Johannes Maier) in order to receive an insurance payout. Things however are not as clear cut as they first appear to be. Ronnie Lawson (John Dumelo) is a business man that runs his late fathers's multimillion business empire. Brandy (Yvonne Okoro) is lying to the media that she is engaged to Ronnie Lawson to boost business with her modelling agency. Little does she know that she has been busted when Ronnie Lawson turns up at her agency posing as a wannabe model. - Nollywood Love
Parts/Divisions: The movie, The Game, has only two parts: The Game part 1 and part 2
Cast: Majid Michel, Yvonne Nelson, Yvonne Okoro, John Dumelo, Beverly Afaglo, Johannes Maier

This movie was stolen from two different Bollywood movies: Race and Ghajini. The race is a bollywood movie that was released in 2008 [two years before the game]. Same storyline, 82% same movie except the dances and some scenes that were too expensive to be reproduced in Ghana

by Nollywood REinvented
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-Story: [4 out of 5] It’s definitely an entertaining storyline… the concept (though stolen) is entertaining

-Originality: [1 out of 5] This movie was stolen from two different Bollywood movies: Race and Ghajini. The race is a bollywood movie that was released in 2008 [two years before the game]. Same storyline, 82% same movie except the dances and some scenes that were too expensive to be reproduced in Ghana

And the other half of the movie that was not stolen from “The Race” was stolen from the 2008 movie “Ghajini” starring Aamir Khan and Asin.


-Predictability: [2 out of 5] If you’ve seen the original Bollywood movies then… “Yes!” This movie is indeed extremely predictable


-Directing/Production: [2 out of 5] First of all it’s literally unacceptable to be stealing movies like this…. back to back to back… so tey you decide to just make a two-stolen-movies in one combo like this. The sex scenes? Were they necessary? I leave that to you to decide

-Acting quality: [3 out of 5] Majid Michel’s acting skill has never been a question. I was quite impressed with John Dumelo’s performance in this movie. I’d say… the role suited him perfectly. But no one’s role suited them more perfectly than Yvonne Nelson’s. She did the thing JUSTICE! Yvonne Okoro was beyond convincing but Johannes Maier needs to return to acting school abeg.

-Setting: [4 out of 5] on point


-Costume: [4 out of 5] Well done


-Props & Graphics: [3 out of 5] This was probably one of the first movies to use that whole Mission Impossible style (you know when they show someone in the movie and then they pause and then they get a box and put on their eyes or nose and then zoom in then they tell you the name of the person, their profession, age and the rest)

-Video Quality [3 out of 5] Generally good


-Audio Quality [2 out of 5]: A couple lapses here and there… nothing too outrageous

-Soundtrack [2 out of 5] the soundtrack is very catchy but i dont think that guy could sing very well


-Musical Score [3 out of 5] Not bad


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Nollywood REinvented


    chynma ikd

    i enjoyed the movie bt i think majids xter was a lil bit 2 risque with the love scene. theres is a thin line btwn porn and romance. d scenes in this movie wasnt romantic 2 me.our industry shud learn 2 depict love scenes in a sensual,romantic way. overall d movie was ok to me


    Yvonne okoro and john’storyline was a rip of ghajini a bollywood movie starring priyanka chopra.


    Ghanians rip off 100% and its a crime, I am sure there are still stories to be told, stealing should punished by death and it pains me to see stars in such


      lmao @ “Stealing should be punished by death”

      Haha… Anon o… you are on some jungle justice/sharia justice tinz

      But on a serious note, there ARE so many more stories to tell and Abdul Salam and cohorts need to get their creative juices flowing already


    instead of paying writers for scripts, they decide to thief am, on watching the movie, there is NO WAY rajah can write a beautiful story like that. i’m planning of reporting him to bollywood but that means they will probably sue him and he wont have enough money to produce anymore movies LOL.


      Nna/Nne, I thought I was the only one that wondered about these things. Check my reviews for some Frank Rajah movies that I didn’t call ‘stolen’, I so doubt their authenticity that I spend hours googling the bollywood/yollywood/nollywood movie they are stolen from.

      I sit there half the time thinking “mbanu, there is no way that thief could have conceived of this story entirely by himself. Something is amiss”

      But, I kind of would rather high quality stolen entertaining movies, than useless stories, useless productions, non-entertaining originals. So mba! let’s not report him just yet… at least not until every movie reaches the Last Flight to Abuja/Phone Swap ‘cinema clearing’ standard


      ok i wont. i will tell him to come and thank you for pleading on his behalf. hey you’re an influential person. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


      Haha abi o… I just influenced you to pity our dear Rajah! So that all Ghanaians don’t go crazy on yo azz


    i watched it, quite entertaining but thankfully i read your reviews before watching. i would have given rajah and co an undeserving praise because i enjoyed it, then bang STOLEN from bollywood. i wanted to convince myself that he can write that. and why was fred nuamah always eating fruit and his tummy was still screaming to be set free? or his shirts were just too small?


      Haha, what I always say with Frank Rajah and co. “if it seems like it’s too good to be true then it probably is…”

      There have been some of his movies that I literally refused to believe he came up with by himself. I honestly spend hours googling to see where he stole ’em from. 90% of the time, I’m right and it IS stolen but sometimes, a very small percentage though, it’s his own work

      I think of late he is moving away from theft with the likes of The Groom’s Bride and co. however, Somewhere in Africa was not too long ago and that too was stolen from Sarafina


      i dont think the grooms bride was stolen, you know why, because i didn’t feel the movie, it didn’t entertain me at all OR maybe because i watched it after watching adams apples so i didnt…………………….


      I agree, the groom’s bride wasn’t exactly ‘awe inspiring’ but after I had seen so much Ghanaian crap in the weeks before, it was a breath of fresh air. For me it was like, “oh yes! That’s right… Ghanaians DO know how to make movies”

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