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Fazebook Babes

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SYNOPSIS: Armed with a sophisticated cellphone and a facebook account, Alero aka Juanita and her girls are determined to make it at all cost!
Parts/Divisions: The sequel to Fazebook Babes is called, Fazebook Lovers. The movie has 4 parts. Fazebook Babes 1 & 2, then Fazebook Lovers 1 & 2. THIS MOVIE HAS BEEN REPACKAGED AS MERCY THE BUS DRIVER, hence, Mercy the bus rider part 1, 2, 3 and 4
Memorable Lines/Scenes: Mercy: My own be say anything way una dey do there, make una use condom Ruth: Wetin condom go come do for this one now Mercy: No! Na praise and worship wey una go dey sing for there. After that one una go come pray abi?
Cast: Oge Okoye, Mercy Johnson, Ruth Kadiri, Prince Eke, Shirley Igwe
Introduction: O boy o... I no fit shout. Just when you think we are on the right track to the Oscars........ this movie crops up.

Hmm… if I were to address every ‘wrong’ thing with this movie, I’d re-narrate the story. What beats me sef is that after the movie, there were honestly some comments on irokotv like this “Oh! This is the best Nollywood movie ever made.

by Nollywood REinvented
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-Story: [0 out of 5] Uhm… there’s a story in there… somewhere. Between all the unnecessary bickering, the shirts in the name of dresses, the overly prolonged scenes in front of the laptop… and much more, there is a story (I think). You know what I think? I think… that I should be given an award for sitting through this movie. #ThatIsAll


-Originality: [0 out of 5] Girls fighting over a man? Girls ‘hustling’ for money? How is that original? That would be EVERY Oge Okoye movie. Or is it the marrying white men for money? Hello…. White Hunters.


-Predictability: [0 out of 5] *SPOILER ALERT* the only ONE thing in this movie that I did not see coming was Prince Eke’s character getting rich. Ofcourse we knew everything else was coming. I knew Oge would get with Mercy and Ruth’s characters. I knew that one of them must fight (that’s pretty much a given when up to 2 females live under the same roof). I knew that the Chidinma character (aka Shirley Igwe as I have been duly informed by our oh-so-awesome commenters) would eventually join in the ‘runz’. And I definitely knew that Prince Eke would choose Shirley over everyone else.


 -Directing/Editing: [0 out of 5] Hmm… if I were to address every ‘wrong’ thing with this movie, I’d re-narrate the story. What beats me sef is that after the movie, there were honestly some comments on irokotv like this “Oh! This is the best Nollywood movie ever made. Great Job!” Taaaaa… tufiakwa gi… *carries both hands over head. Points them to the floor. Snaps. And steps on it” O lekwa unu. First of all for the movie sef to start you have to wait an honorable 3 minutes for the titles to finish rolling. I honestly believe that no movie should take longer than a minute and half (max 2 mins) to start after the title has shown. If need be, list the crew at the corner of the screen as the movie rolls on. Every single scene in this movie (ok well… maybe not every single one but at least every other scene) was dragged out longer than it should have especially the party scene. How to watch this movie? With your fastforward button. In the scene where the lady decides to ‘dash’ Prince Eke a laptop (which might I add was quite awkward. How do you randomly look at someone’s face and decide ‘hmm… I think I just might dash you a laptop’), she gives it to him without a charger. #JustSaying. ….And we are supposed to believe that Oge Okoye was chatting with ‘Chris Brown’ and ‘Drake’… O please, roll me up in dough and call me cake. This movie was supposed to be amusing but I can count on one hand how many scenes, after four hours, that actually amused me (3). …and what does the title have to do with the movie? Yes! Maybe they got the men from facebook but I’m a 100% certain that they could have found a more befitting title


-Acting quality: [1 out of 5] If you say Mercy Johnson wasn’t convincing in her role… you are lying to yourself. If you say the same about Ruth Kadiri, please awake from your slumber. Even Oge Okoye was actually…. yeah! … that’s a bit doubtful. Prince Eke (dot) (dot) (dot). Even Shirley…. well Shirley wasn’t a horrible actress but she could be more convincing, so could everybody else in this movie whose names I do not know. Especially everbody with a fake accent…. PLEASE! Let’s just trash all scripts that involve any Nigerian, without an accent, speaking fun-e. And where did they carry the Matthew character from? In his red sweater vest (in lagos heat again?), trying too hard to be Chidi Mokeme… don’t even let me mention the Banky W wannabe hat… hahaha. His accent… well… I’m still trying to decide who is better. Him or Jim Iyke?And finally, Dear Oge Okoye, please stop cursing in movies. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with people who curse, to each his own, but if you have to then let it flow. Don’t use the f word when it doesn’t enter.


-Setting and Costume/Make-Up: [2 out of 5] I already mentioned Oge Okoye’s dresses and how they all looked like tops. I also already mentioned the Chidi Mokeme outfit. The settings were basically on point. Actually spent money getting all those cars to decorate ‘Prince Eke’s” house with. I say decorate because not once did any of those cars move. In some scenes, Ruth Kadiri’s make-up looked like she had just rolled up in crayola (or had just come from a ‘holi’ festival -google it-). Finally, what’s with the lady’s hair on the side that looks like Ghana’s flag. To be fair actually, I didn’t understand most people’s hairs in this movie. And in the second picture… are you telling me that nobody noticed that Mercy’s boot were hairs away from falling out?…. OMG! Mercy Johnson lost so much weight sha.


-Props and Graphics [0 out of 5] TELL ME I WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT NOTICED THAT PARROT?!? These folks got a plastic…mba… a ceramic parrot sculpture and Oge was kissing it as per real pet.. Chukwu amankwe ihe ojo. If you guys could not afford a real parrot then why did you guys add it in the script? Did I mention how everybody seemed to be using the same laptop that Prince Eke dashed Mercy when she was still broke? Even Oge Okoye, “the rich babe” was using the same laptop. And when they decided to switch laptops, they gave the same laptop to both Mercy and Ruth…. when they were fighting and living in different houses.


-Video Quality [3 out of 5] On point


-Audio Quality [1 out of 5] Goes up and down. Plus background noises.


-Soundtrack and Musical Score [3 out of 5] Good musical score. Ok soundtrack


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Nollywood REinvented



    Right on point dear lol!!!!!!!!!!

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    Blackberry babes was so useless…I tink I mait prefer dis cos bbb is so star studded

    GD Star Rating


    thank you o! I was very perplexed about the parrot, was it supposed to be real? was it fake and oge crazy? I just didn’t get it. and then, that laptop, ummmm how were they on the internet? did i miss something?

    GD Star Rating


    Ruth Kadiri used more f… word than Oge Okoye. I think the movie made everyone look slender including Ruth Kadiri. I loved their skin though, everyone’s skin seemed to glow, even Mercy Johnson (which is really hard to pull off). Kudos to them for making everyone look slender with perfect skin.
    I prefer blackberry babes, it made me laugh.

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    This movie was awful 3.6 is showing it too much love

    GD Star Rating


    Some of these movies are just cliches and boring,i wont recomend this type of movie to anyone mtchewwww

    GD Star Rating


    This is my first time visiting this blog. I love your reviews. As for this movie, before i read the rating i knew it would be grossly subpar. I mean how can u expect from a movie titled,”Facebook babes”?

    Anyways yall watch out for Twitter babes, android babes, iphone babes. You know its coming. For the sake of endurance i hope they are confined within the comedy genre

    GD Star Rating


      *how much can you expect ……

      Excuse my typo(s)

      GD Star Rating


      Lol, I definitely didn’t notice they typo till you pointed it out. If we were to count typo eh… don’t let me start with how many typos I see in my reviews when I go back

      Thank you for visiting the blog I appreciate it…

      Lmao @ twitter babes, you berra recognize I’m pretty sure it’s in preproduction already, starring non other than Oge Okoye (lol jk)

      GD Star Rating


    Nollywood reinvented why refer to the character chidera as polio? What thw heck did u see wrong with her legs olodo am sure ur not ever half pretty as she is and for ur information her real name is Shirley Igwe as a movie critics shouldn’t u know the names of a movie cast before ur review/critic? Or the name is too posh 4 u haha lol I get u now

    GD Star Rating


      Omo mehn… you caught me red-handed! Half pretty? ha! Ugly is a compliment to my being, I mean that’s the obvious reason why I hide behind the avatar of a different Nollywood celeb every year.

      Considering that my full name is like a full blown sentence with 9 letters in each name, no English version… heck yeah! Her name is too posh for me jare… I’m dying of jealousy at her posh name (I mean how is she that lucky to get such an amazing name like Shirley and I’m stuck with the crappy igbo name I have)

      Thanks for stopping by the blog dear… come back soon

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    looooooool, this site and the reviewer will crack me up loool. Love all your reviews and your points are fair enough. Love you sense of humour.

    GD Star Rating

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