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if tomorrow

COMING SOON: If Tomorrow Never Comes

We’ve seen all the social media hype about the movie, now Yvonne Nelson has finally released the trailer for her upcoming movie “If tomorrow never comes”. The movie is produced by Yvonne Nelson and directed by...



Folly is the story of a seemingly dysfunctional family of three - one mother and two daughters. The mother, played by Joke Silva, spots alcohol as her favorite accessory much to the dismay of her...

don't cry for me

COMING SOON: Don’t Cry For Me

Don’t Cry for Me is an upcoming movie from Royal Arts Academy produced by Susan Peters and Emem Isong and directed by Desmond Elliot. The movie stars Susan Peters, Joseph Benjamin, Yvonne Nelson, Uti Nwachukwu,¬†Mary Laza...

Don't play that game

Don’t Play That Game

It's puzzling how the Venus Films crew (i.e Frank Rajah, Abdul Salam Mumuni, etc.) manage to make the same movie over and over again, with the same cast over and over again, since the days of 4 Play without any significant chan...

sisters at war

Sisters at War

Somewhere along the lines in the attempt to be too different from everyone and everything else, this movie lost me completely. Sisters at war is the story of two sisters РJackie Appiah and Okawa Shaznay Рwho are ...

single married and complicated

COMING SOON: Single, Married & Complicated

We all saw the prequel – Single and Married – and now Yvonne Nelson productions presents the follow up to the 2012 movie. Single Married and Complicated is produced by Yvonne Nelson, directed by Pascal Amanfo and st...

Gold Digging

Gold Diggin

If you prepare a certain recipe over and over again, no matter how terrible you were initially, I find it difficult to believe that your final product after numerous attempts can manage to be as bad as or even worse than the in...



After seeing so many Venus Films Productions, I have come to the conclusion that any other reasonable person would which is that Venus Films has been making the same movie for a couple years now, over and over again, with diffe...


House of Gold

This movie is not going to change the world, the movie is not going to move mountains but it's going to make for quite an entertaining evening and a fun watch. The story behind 'House of Gold' is nothing spectacular, misplaced ...



From the poster to the trailer to the cast, the movie Mistresses doesn’t really invite you in. The movie is centered around three mistresses who are tired of playing ‘the other woman’ role to the men in their ...