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amanda ebeye

Ugly September

I have been saying for ages that Amanda Ebeye is an undiscovered gem, quietly working behind the recognition of most Nollywood fans and it is perfectly demonstrated here. She has a huge range of acting skills however I will con...


Restless Soul

Restless Soul is an appealing movie that would have been even more appealing if they knew what they were doing. The movie tells the story of a young boy from a poor home who goes on to become an apprentice for a wealthy man in ...

brothers war

Brothers’ War

I went into Brothers’ War in search of a family movie, a little feud, a little drama and its over. The fact that it was 40% Igbo was an extra bonus for me because I find that nowadays – and by nowadays I mean June a...

Absolute Power

Absolute Power

‘Absolute Power’ is yet another royal art academy movie from a debutante director (or at least I think this is his/her first work). The movie addresses a prevalent issue in the Nigerian tertiary education system fro...

agony of a princess

Agony of A Princess

This film was literally agony to get through. Slow, dry, it dragged and some of its plot elements were frankly ridiculous. I still have not watched it to the end because of how annoying it got. Who do you think is to blame when...

my world

My World

The eternal prince, Yul Edochie, returns in yet another attempt at a royal love story alongside the relentless Mercy Johnson, the igbotic Charles Okocha, the one and only Mama G and Mr. Clems Ohameze. The movie revolves around ...


Death Certificate

Stephanie Okereke (Linus) returns to our screens in this Nollywood action drama. The movie also stars two of the actors that we've come to associate with action in Nollywood's 2010s, and as the 2000s had Saint Obi and JT Tom We...

The Illiterate

The Illiterate

For those who have seen this movie, you may or may not (depending on whether or not you've seen the latter) notice the similarities to the iroko partners film "Sister of Virtue".


Veronica (The Native Girl)

The movie didn't really end, they sort of just run out of film (I hope they don't call that a conclusion) but on the off chance that it is, the movie is not entirely predictable.

Mercy Johnson

Thanks For Coming

I am sincerely convinced that Mercy Johnson must have been a tout in her past life, judging from her performance in this along with many other tout movies she has done (eg "Fazebook Babes").