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a long night

A Long Night

A Long Night is set in a singular household and unfolds as one regular evening turns into a long night when a family of five siblings get attacked by armed robbers. It was intended to be a simple operation but things get compli...

Mercy Johnson

Brave Orphan

In this era where Nigerian movies are being shown in the cinemas and standards are being raised to critical acclaim some things shouldn’t be encouraged. One of such is this movie. I think it shouldn’t have been made...



The story is one of a seemingly happy couple from the outside, and an unsatisfied wife from the inside. Nollywood has been exploring these themes of marriage, and intra-marital conflicts and the interplay between man and wife f...


The Search

One thing you can't help but love about the video is the wealth of colors. From the sets to the video to the costume, the colors pop and add a certain excitement to the screen.

arrows of anger

Arrows of Anger

The fact that you set out to make a Christian movie doesn't mean the movie has to be positive in morale and lacking in every other aspect. Honestly, this is 2012? This film is too long and too too terribly produced for you to b...

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When Kings Decide

I won't say Ugezu can't act per say because he keeps giving himself the same 'igbotic' roles to play in all his movies so I highly doubt that he's doing much acting versus being himself. Infact, I don't think his acting capacit...


The Kingdom

Watch it! You don't have to watch the entire movie but I don't see how you won't find something about the movie to enjoy

stolen will

Stolen Kiss

-Story: [3 out of 5] Taking the story as what it is and forgetting the fact that a million and one other people have made (not different deviations) but the same exact movie a million times over, I am forced to acknowledge that...

in the eyes of my husband

In The Eyes Of My Husband

In my opinion, this movie has one of those surreal & extremely unrealistic story lines (especially for the 21st century). And this storyline is usually sold with the 'this is Africa! Anything goes' line that is characteristic o...



A completely independent sort of semi-sequel to the movie, "Games Men Play", this movie is the definition of a classic 2000s Nollywood movie (or as close to a classic as we've ever come). I say this because the movie never gets...