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Folly is the story of a seemingly dysfunctional family of three - one mother and two daughters. The mother, played by Joke Silva, spots alcohol as her favorite accessory much to the dismay of her...

Oge's Sister

Oge’s Sister

You can make a convincing argument that almost everything in this movie is average. That the main story is average, that the conclusion is average. That the point of the movie is average. It's nothing we haven't seen before, it...



Unconditional is a movie that strikes the audience. From the trailer and the promotions it appears like something new, different, intriguing. In reality, however, it turned out to be far from it. Unconditional tells the story a...



If someone asked me to summarise this movie I wouldn’t be able to. I was so lost it’s not even funny. I am still lost. This has no head or tail and the worst part is that it had so much potential. I had high hopes and t...


Lagos Cougars

The feeling that you’ve seen a movie even before you see the movie is hardly ever a good thing. This is not inception. Lagos Cougars is the story of three supposedly older women who look like their in their late 30s who a...

mrs somebody

Mrs Somebody

Mrs. Somebody's success arises from the fact that the story is one that most Nigerian ladies are much too familiar with. It's appeal for the hopeless romantic, such as myself, is in how unabated and shamelessly it sticks to the...

after the proposal

After The Proposal

There is a comment on a review of one of the many Uche Jombo movies on NR and it states – and I paraphrase – that the great thing about watching Uche Jombo movies is the security. Going in, you don’t have to...



There are trailers you see and you are certain that you will not be watching that movie, for me this was one of them. Unfortunately, decisions about whether or not I will be watching those movies are not entirely in my hands so...



Right now, allow me to declare my biases. I do not like this genre of film therefore I may undersell it a bit. Some thing about border line horror movies just doesn’t strike a good note with me, and while this was a good repr...



I, and anyone else who has had the pleasure of sitting through some stupid Nigerian movies these past months, thank Uche Jombo greatly. We thank her for many reasons but two main reasons being: 1) her movies have only one part ...