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a night with the king

A Night with the King

I dislike everything about this movie; I was actively infuriated by its clichés and unoriginality. I hate the characters so much, I hated the story, and I hated the concept. Man, I had a bad day when I watched this and it cert...

my life

My Life My Damage

My Life My Damage is an advocacy movie from Uche Jombo’s production house. The movie lasts exactly 56 minutes and 36 seconds and I have to say even with such a short duration, the movie was still tedious. It’s a goo...


Paint My Life

Mental illness in Nigeria is still a taboo subject, still something that is viewed as caused by ‘those in the village’ and still not talked about or addressed. In Nollywood, filmmakers have taken to the subject sometimes su...

Ijele's wife

Ijele’s Wife

Ijele’s wife is a family movie by Tchidi Chikere that almost returns to that old Tchidi formula of endearing romances, fascinating love stories, and enveloping dramas just without the endearing, fascinating or enveloping ...



If you want to enjoy this film or this story, give both parts of Twist a miss. Please, pretend it doesn’t exist and get on with Awake. You will thank me if you ever watch Twist. The trailer is sufficient in revealing enough i...

Playing Safe

Playing Safe

The revival of cinema culture in Nollywood is one that is much commended, however, am I the only one that was hoping that this would be an avenue that highlights only the best in Nollywood? Thinking a movie went to cinemas, in ...

The Illiterate

The Illiterate

For those who have seen this movie, you may or may not (depending on whether or not you've seen the latter) notice the similarities to the iroko partners film "Sister of Virtue".

the lesbians

The Lesbians

“Tear my Bra”, “Kiss me if you can”, can you see how we are progressing with movie titles? At first, the lewdity was disguised. We’d name the movies “Shakira” or “Heart of MenR...



Nobody in this bloody movie can act, let the truth be told. Originally, I was trying to make excuses "hey that guy can act a little bit if only he'd do this and that" "Tonto is not so bad in this she just needs more to work wit...


Hour of Salvation

Ok so maybe I might have liked the storyline, but six parts? Come on, even if you want to tell the story of Jesus from Birth to resurrection, six parts is simply too much. The simple truth is that no one (well, for the most par...