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over the edge

Over The Edge

Over the Edge was yet another quick cut and shot job that was formulaically congruent but emotionally vacant. The story follows a young couple with an overbearing and insecure wife who will stop at nothing to prevent the future...

Miss Taken

Miss Taken

One of the things that make it difficult to find motivation to watch most new nollywood movies of nowadays (non-cinema released and cinema-released alike) is the checkbox-attitude that most of them seem to have these days.

matters arising

Matters Arising

In Matters Arising, Ruth Kadiri takes on the typical caricature comedic character. That type that has been brought about and spawned by the success of movies like Jenifa. However even though she might be reminiscent of Jenifa, ...

jack and jill

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill is the story of two individuals leaving pretentious lifestyles in an attempt to find someone wealthy who will buy into their story and be their free pass into a life of luxury. Unfortunately for both of these indi...

my rich boyfriend

My Rich Boyfriend

There's a quote by Kevin Durant used nowadays to describe everything, so allow me to borrow that quote to describe this situation. Whoever had the genius idea to take IK away from those stereotypical playboy/Hausa-man-kaftan-we...



I am sick and tired of watching of four parts of a movie , all an hour. Sick and tired. Surely the first mark of a sophisticated film is that it has only one part. No matter how bad a film, that the filmmakers have condensed it...



Unconditional is a movie that strikes the audience. From the trailer and the promotions it appears like something new, different, intriguing. In reality, however, it turned out to be far from it. Unconditional tells the story a...

mad couple

Mad Couple

Mad Couple had the appeal of a family movie with the usual list of flaws: overly prolonged scenes, some actors in minor roles that didn’t know how to act, a cyclical redundant storyline, unoriginal plot and themes as well...

Barren Women

Barren Women

When will I stop randomly clicking on films on YouTube? Never. Because even though I sometimes have to go through tens of horrible films that do not show themselves until twenty minutes has passed, even though I sometimes spend...


Limpopo Chicks

I have been informed that Limpopo is some kind of slang, which in fact means that the title of this movie may actually have some iota of sense to it, because there were no chicks from Limpopo nor was Limpopo ever mentioned in t...