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separate lives

Separate Lives

At this point, most people who have seen any number of Pascal Amanfo films know what to expect. You should expect to see a lot of beautiful people in beautiful clothes in some sort of an irregular movie. By that I mean that at ...

broken mirror

Broken Mirror

Broken Mirror has the makings of a really luxurious car at the auction. From the outside it all seems quite spectacular, and even inside it has all the basic makings: the seats, the steering, the brakes, however, all the extra ...

jack and jill

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill is the story of two individuals leaving pretentious lifestyles in an attempt to find someone wealthy who will buy into their story and be their free pass into a life of luxury. Unfortunately for both of these indi...

devil in a dress

Devil In A Dress

This was one of those movies where you hit play on but cannot find the motivation to continue to watch. The story is played out - or so it seems at first glance. The cast consists of the usual culprits and the trailer, synopsis...

purple rose 2

Purple Rose

It takes a great filmmaker to bring together a group of average actors and an overly done storyline and present it in a way that leaves the audience in awe. Purple Rose is the story of Annette, played flawlessly by the exquisit...


Hotel Babylon

They say don’t judge a book by a cover, and they couldn’t be more correct because if one was to judge this entire movie by the poster, which depicts a stunning Ramsey Nouah spotting a gun overlooking a hotel, one wo...

letters to my mother

Letters To My Mother

Like I said earlier, the thing is that you never know what exactly is happening in a Pascal movie until the end and you might dare to guess but odds are your guess might be wrong, but it might also be right. I won't call this m...


Trapped in the Game

It seems like he's playing the same roles over and over again (especially for his Made in Ghana movies) and in the movies that he doesn't play the same role, he is not being stretched much. So I probably shouldn't say he is a p...

Adams+Apples+Chapter+10+Wallpaper (1)

Adams Apples: New Beginnings

A sizzling new addition to Barns & McCarby kills any chance Kukua could ever have with Denu. Kukua's depression drives the family to the breathtaking Lou Moon, where they support each other to face the single life. The odds may...


Deadly Affair

"Don't be fooled, Diane! We're just another married couple trying to iron out our differences" - Majid Michel