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gbomo gbomo express

Gbomo Gbomo Express

There are many action and crime type movies and tv shows but the one thing that distinguishes the ones that we love from the ones that we could care less about is the viewer's affection for the characters. Was Gbomo Gbomo Expre...

elephant in the room

COMING SOON: Elephant in the Room

“Elephant in the Room” is Ramsey Nouah’s filmmaking debut. The movie stars Ramsey Nouah and the Sierra Leonan star from Big Brother Africa, Zainab Sheriff. The movie is directed by Asurf Oluseyi with executive...

The Grave Dust

The Grave Dust

From the perspective of someone who was only aware of this movie by name and poster only, and who consciously worked hard to avoid the movie (disclaimer: I don’t like scary movies), this movie was pleasantly surprising initia...

thy will be done

Thy Will Be Done

Thy Will Be Done is the story of a successful pastor, Pious, whose life is turned upside down when his first wife, who was presumed dead, shows up again. This pastor, played by Ramsey Nouah, has already remarried his wife of 4 ...

30 days in atlanta

30 Days in Atlanta

If Osuofia in London was made in 2014 with two actors instead of one, younger actors instead of an older one, Atlanta instead of London and a love angle instead of an inheritance angle, it would be this movie.



STRIPPED is an upcoming movie directed by Afe Olomuwe and produced by Neville Sajere. The movie stars Joseph Benjamin, Ramsey Nouah and Beverly Naya in the lead supported by Betty Njoku, Precious Ilami and Daniel Lloyd. SYNOPS...

Keeping My Man

Keeping My Man

Keeping my man genuinely attempts to recreate a scenario that depicts modern day marital problems amongst the ‘twenty first century couple’. However, it comes off mostly as a wannabe “Why did I get married too...

Confusion Na Wa

Confusion Na Wa

After watching this movie I let it marinate for a couple days before writing a review. “That’s just how deep it was?” you ask? No not really, I wanted to be able to separate the hype from the movie. And after ...



There are trailers you see and you are certain that you will not be watching that movie, for me this was one of them. Unfortunately, decisions about whether or not I will be watching those movies are not entirely in my hands so...

The Courier

The Courier

Watching this movie, you cannot escape the overwhelming feeling that something is wrong. Looking at the bits and pieces and parts, they seem mostly right. It was not until the end of the movie that I realized what it was. The m...