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lost in his glory

Lost In His Glory

Sometimes it is just better for a movie to be a home video as opposed to a cinema release especially when it comes to the reviews. The simple fact that you are a cinematic release holds you to higher standards. And even though ...


Agony of the Christ

The fact that we're attempting to make some version of "Passion of the Christ".... is ambitious but also interesting. I think it's a step in the right direction as per making 'different' movies but then again... ehm... one step...


Deadly Affair

"Don't be fooled, Diane! We're just another married couple trying to iron out our differences" - Majid Michel



Whilst watching this movie I was overwhelmed with a strong sense of ridiculousness. There was just too much ridiculousness from scene to scene



-Story: [3 out of 5] Usually, when I see a movie like this (i.e directed, produced, written by and acted in by the same person) warning bells begin to ring in my head because I just don’t see how one person can do EVERYTH...

wanna be

Wanna Be

When the movie started, I was thinking it was a lot like the movie 'I Belong' starring Omotola Jolade-Ekehinde (from years back) with the whole desperate attempt to be what you are not. And then as the movie progressed and Prin...

i sing of a well

I Sing of a Well

The folly of choice. Wenambe becomes a pawn of the gods; taunted daily by Alarka the old seer, he turns into a man troubled and confused, not even the son Soraya bears him is able to wipe away his shame. He becomes a ruler of s...

100 secret

100% Secret

-Story: [3 out of 5] I know some people might consider it a ‘not-so-entertaining’ story, but for some reason I was entertained by the movie from start to finish. Honestly, after seeing Prince David on the cast line ...

all my tears

All My Tears

-Story: [2 out of 5] Eh! The story get as e be but it was still a story regardless so what can I say?   -Originality: [1 out of 5] In the beginning, I thought it was interestingly original but as it got closer to the end, ...

desperate to survive

Desperate To Survive

It's a Pascal Amanfo movie. It is second nature for me to doubt the authenticity of any Pascal Amanfo and Frank Rajah film so it should come as no surprise that I do not think this movie is original. I think it is somewhat of a...