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Before God& Man poster

Before God And Man

What happened to those cute little love stories that Nollywood used to mass produce like they were going out of style? Now everything must be complicated and over the top. I originally thought that this movie was going to be Ci...


Obioma the Slave Girl

I had my reservations. Of course, like any normal person I had my reservations. After seeing Dumebi the dirty girl and Veronica the native girl, as well as hearing of Somma the local champion and Onyinye the wine tapper –...

after the proposal

After The Proposal

There is a comment on a review of one of the many Uche Jombo movies on NR and it states - and I paraphrase - that the great thing about watching Uche Jombo movies is the security. Going in, you don’t have to worry about...

birth of evil

Birth Of Evil

In a time where most home videos in Nollywood are evenly split between ‘runz films’ and ‘royal stories’ a return to the original Nollywood movie formula is more than welcome. The movie ‘Birth of Ev...

Scarlet woman

Scarlet Woman

I like that this movie has a theme, and that it sticks closely to this theme. However replace scarlet woman with orphan or osu or something else and the basic formula for these types of films is pretty easy. Prince comes from o...

my world

My World

The eternal prince, Yul Edochie, returns in yet another attempt at a royal love story alongside the relentless Mercy Johnson, the igbotic Charles Okocha, the one and only Mama G and Mr. Clems Ohameze. The movie revolves around ...

troubled king

Troubled King

There are some kind of movies that can only be watched on fast-forward! And if you’ve never watched a movie on fast-forward then either you’ve not seen that many Nollywood movies or your remote control doesn’t...

the midwife

The Midwife

I saw the first couple of scenes from ‘the midwife’ and I thought it was going to be an Nkem-Owoh-ish film, and as I have a natural aversion to Nollywood comedies I stashed the movie away. Until recently I saw a cli...

a wish

A Wish

If I could only tell you one thing right off the bat, it'd be "don't believe the hype". Did you read the synopsis? That is what I call a false-hope deliverer in its truest form.... and that was the synopsis attached with the ci...


End of Behind Closed Doors

At some points, I began to wonder whether they were intentionally trying to match the video quality of the 2001 production.