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The antique

COMING SOON: The Antique

The Antique is an upcoming epic set to release on October 26th, 2014. The movie stars Olu Jacobs, Ricardo Agbor, Bimbo Akintola, Gabriel Afolayan, Funso Adeolu, Kiki Omeili and introducing Oge Indiana. The movie is directed by ...

mama G goes mad

Mama G Goes Mad

For those expecting a detailed look at mental illness and how it affects those around the mentally ill, this film is not for you. For those expecting laugh out loud antics from Patience Ozokwor, this film is not for you. Ultima...



The strength of a great filmmaker lies in his or her ability to bring the audience back time after time regardless of cast, story or genre and the same can be said about Shirley Frimpong-Manso. For most of us, the name Shirley...


United Kingdom

The movie “United Kingdom” tells the overbeaten story of a king who has come to power by chance and used diabolical means to secure his throne. It throws in what is arguably an original twist in that he wants his so...

bent arrows

Bent Arrows

Bent Arrows is a movie that explores the lives of three different women from three different backgrounds. It tells of how they found themselves in their current situations, and the effect their backgrounds had on their future s...



It was a good story, it was a different storyline, it was endearing and all but it was not gripping. I could stand up, go do something else and come back hours later and continue. The fact that I returned to the movie is a good...



'Hamza' was the first Hausa movie I ever saw (and last) and I'm not certain it really counts as an Hausa/Kannywood movie because most of the dialogue was in English, but for argument sake, let's call it an Hausa movie.

boy george

Boy George

-Story: [1 out of 5] There are many things that come together and attribute for my general dislike of Nollywood comedies, but one of the major reasons is the structure of the story in and of itself. THERE IS NO STORY! Ok…...


The King and The Princess

There comes a point in every man's life when he realizes his mistakes and makes a conscious effort to avoid the path of 'sin/wrong/destruction' (or whatever his mistakes were). .........You see the thing is, not every man ar...

The King's Heart

The King and The Priest

-Story: [3 out of 5] Interesting storyline but if you are going to watch the movie on RealNollyMovie’s channel (I say this cos that’s where I saw it and I’m not sure whether this applies to all versions of thi...