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journey of tears

Journey of Tears

Journey of Tears has the appeal of a family home video, it starts off with a family and the story is generally family oriented, until it really isn’t. It tells the story of a not very average family living in a not very a...


Champions of our Time

Champions of our time is a movie that threads on new grounds by exploring something different for a change, something substantial, and something other than the usual. It tells the story of a young girl in a wheelchair attemptin...

diamond kingdom

Diamond Kingdom

Diamond Kingdom is probably one of Frank Artus’ best performances, at least the first part was, and this coming from a staunch anti-Artus advocate - if there’s such a thing.  The movie, as summarized by the Igwe c...


United Kingdom

The movie “United Kingdom” tells the overbeaten story of a king who has come to power by chance and used diabolical means to secure his throne. It throws in what is arguably an original twist in that he wants his so...

painful decision

Painful Decision

Chioma Chukwuka used to be my favourite actress back in the day but then she fell from grace after a particularly lip curling film( it involved corpse molesting) but she is redeeming herself bit by bit starting from this movie....


Soul Of A King

It is so aggravating to think that after so many years of cinema, especially of making the same movies over and over again, we still haven’t perfected the act of destroying a villain at the end of the movie. It’s 20...

nurses cult

Nurses Cult

God love us, I was so bored during this film. It wasn't like bad but it wasn’t good. It floundered in mediocrity. However it had hints of brilliance in it but they were few and far between. This storyline has been done over a...

God of Shiloh

God of Shiloh

I had mentioned back in "The Advocate" review that one thing that irks me about Zion movies (aka Nollywood Christian movies) is the approach. For some reason it seems that directors/producers/whoever is involved in the process ...

bent arrows

Bent Arrows

Bent Arrows is a movie that explores the lives of three different women from three different backgrounds. It tells of how they found themselves in their current situations, and the effect their backgrounds had on their future s...



It was a good story, it was a different storyline, it was endearing and all but it was not gripping. I could stand up, go do something else and come back hours later and continue. The fact that I returned to the movie is a good...