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Single and Married

If you go in seeking a magnanimous storyline, sorry but you will be disappointed. If you go in seeking to be thrilled, again you will be disappointed. So go in to watch people drive fancy cars, live in pretty houses and wear c...


Agony of the Christ

The fact that we're attempting to make some version of "Passion of the Christ".... is ambitious but also interesting. I think it's a step in the right direction as per making 'different' movies but then again... ehm... one step...

die with me

Die With Me

It was actually a really good storyline. It was entertaining. The four hours didn't even seem like much, to be honest. It wasn't bad except it was really dramatic. I'm not talking ghen ghen dramatic, I'm talking Shahrukh Khan, ...

million dollar baby

Million Dollar Baby

-Story: [0 out of 5] The first thing I noticed about this movie was the cast. Artus + Martha + Nadia + Emmanuel???? Ah! In the words of Jenifa, warrisdis (what is this). Shey una wan kill person? Do you seek to entertain or to ...



His ambition to become the Member of Parliament(MP) for his village drove him into politics. Getting in contact with Kiki Newton (Ekow Blankson), a drug lord who covers as a Real Estate Agent. He saved Kwame Asante from disgrac...



I was really disappointed with the storyline of this movie... I mean the trailer gave the impression that they were about to explore some really deep psychological issues.

in the eyes of my husband

In The Eyes Of My Husband

In my opinion, this movie has one of those surreal & extremely unrealistic story lines (especially for the 21st century). And this storyline is usually sold with the 'this is Africa! Anything goes' line that is characteristic o...

beyonce and rihanna

Beyonce & Rihanna

There is such a thing as too much drama... All this! Is doing too much. Seriously? What was the logic behind this movie...

holding hope

Holding Hope

"You lucky say na my cousin way you marry. A good woman, with a beautiful soul. Because if to say na me marry you and you come dey do anyhow. I for just chop you into tiny tiny pieces. Carry am troway for expressway. Them no go...


One In A Million

The basis of the storyline itself is quite good. Under good hands this could have turned out to be quite an immaculate movie. But when you give movies to Kensteve Anuka (dot dot dot) (don't know what I'm saying? Just do a quick...