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wicked love

Wicked Love

'Wicked Love' belongs to that class of home videos that is simply surprisingly good. It is almost the same recipe used to cook the exact same meal but a twitch in the ingredients or a switch up in the order and presentation cre...

child seller

Child Seller

This movie has a strong opening, engaging and intriguing however you could probably see the thread untangling until a very messy end. Multiple storylines are good when the writer knows how to handle it and can display a level o...

mama G goes mad

Mama G Goes Mad

For those expecting a detailed look at mental illness and how it affects those around the mentally ill, this film is not for you. For those expecting laugh out loud antics from Patience Ozokwor, this film is not for you. Ultima...


Unforgivable (Ainidariji)

After reading the synopsis for unforgivable I had lofty ideas in my head so imagine my surprise when the movie started and for 30-45 minutes I was accosted with the typical Yoruba movie presentation. Those 30-45 minutes were an...

family man

Family Man

This is hands down the sweetest film I have watched. At its core it’s about family values and love, it’s not funny or even that dramatic. It’s not about royalty or politics or high class people. I will give this so much p...

journey of tears

Journey of Tears

Journey of Tears has the appeal of a family home video, it starts off with a family and the story is generally family oriented, until it really isn’t. It tells the story of a not very average family living in a not very a...

painful decision

Painful Decision

Chioma Chukwuka used to be my favourite actress back in the day but then she fell from grace after a particularly lip curling film( it involved corpse molesting) but she is redeeming herself bit by bit starting from this movie....

living nightmares

Living Nightmares

We all started sniffing with dabs at our eyes in the middle of this film and then were all out crying at the end. This film wasn’t flashy and it wasn’t big budget, it appeared simple but was able to catch our attentio...

the midwife

The Midwife

I saw the first couple of scenes from ‘the midwife’ and I thought it was going to be an Nkem-Owoh-ish film, and as I have a natural aversion to Nollywood comedies I stashed the movie away. Until recently I saw a cli...

front door

Front Door

The fact that Annie didn't break out into laughter whenever Narsh delivered those lines, that's the ultimate evidence that the babe can act