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moon maid

Moon Maids

The premise of the movie actually seemed a bit promising. The new king of the land seeks to end traditional worship of the moon after his father passes so he destroys the last moon maid. Unknown to him, she has passed on the sp...


A Tale of Five Sisters! Read the NR Review for Episode 1-6 of the iRokoTV series “Bloodline”!

“BLOODLINE” is an original series starring Mercy Johnson, Yul Edochie, Oge Okoye, Chigozie Atuanya, Kehinde Olorunyomi, Bolanle Ninolowo, amongst others.  It follows the lives of five sisters living al...

thy will be done

Thy Will Be Done

Thy Will Be Done is the story of a successful pastor, Pious, whose life is turned upside down when his first wife, who was presumed dead, shows up again. This pastor, played by Ramsey Nouah, has already remarried his wife of 4 ...

30 days in atlanta

30 Days in Atlanta

If Osuofia in London was made in 2014 with two actors instead of one, younger actors instead of an older one, Atlanta instead of London and a love angle instead of an inheritance angle, it would be this movie.

caro the shoemaker

Caro The Shoemaker

It took so long to finish this movie, over four weeks, with each part being released slowly. I stuck with it because this movie is nigh on fabulous. This is a perfect example of a story being so good that it transcends visuals ...

world of lust

World of Lust

There was once a phase of nollywood movies when 4 out of every 5 released home videos were set in the college or university and followed the lives of runs girls or cult boys or the SU’s desperately trying to make it throu...

child seller

Child Seller

This movie has a strong opening, engaging and intriguing however you could probably see the thread untangling until a very messy end. Multiple storylines are good when the writer knows how to handle it and can display a level o...

Native Fowl

Native Fowl

The first half and a quarter of this movie is nothing new, in fact it specifically rehashes over 20 of Mercy Johnson’s past movies. However in the second part it started to get interesting and original. But nothing can save t...

bloody night

Bloody Night

I’m not really enamoured with this new practice of making viewers wait days before releasing a direct sequel. I can understand the reason for the decision but all it does is make the movie appear disjointed. Instead of judgin...

street angels

Street Angels

This movie is the perfect antithesis to “A Night with the King“. It is everything that movie wasn’t, coherent, interesting and novel.It does the evil Queen thing right and more. These people knew what they were do...