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The Banker

The Banker

The Banker is a movie about a young lady whose father-in-law-to-be is opposed to her relationship with his son because of what she does. The young lady, played by Mbong Amata, is a marketer in a bank, and according to the fathe...

Darima's Dilemma

Darima’s Dilemma

When a film is unoriginal, it can only be good by doing one of two things: presenting it in a totally new and original manner or introducing completely new dimensions to a well-known story. Otherwise, it’s just a newer, bette...



In this movie, the titular character, Champagne, is the wife to a man who earns a living by sleeping with wealthy women. After so many years of living like this, Champagne decides that enough is enough and urges her husband to ...

Black November

Black November

We hold these truths to be self evident that Black November strikes immediately as an emotionally compelling story that brings to the forefront a highly relevant political issue - the struggle in the Niger Delta. There is no ro...


APAYE : A Mother’s Love

Apaye was a pleasant surprise. What did I expect from the movie? Absolutely nothing because I have stopped expecting anything from movies. But even at that, I never would have guessed that I would end up liking it as much as I ...

forgetting june

Forgetting June

I won’t deny that I was semi-excited about this movie when I originally heard of it. Why? Because even though I know better, a part of me still equates seeing Majid Michel’s face on a cast line-up with a guarantee f...



The movie 'kidnap' is centered around four friends who seek to take out vengeance on their ex-boss by kidnapping his daughter and extorting a huge ransom from him. Now, even though I don't think it makes much sense to kidnap as...


The Amazing Grace

A local anthem sung in adversity by the slaves he captures punctuates the film. It will be the inspiration for John Newton's redemption, and, years later, for his writing of the world's most enduring hymn, Amazing Grace.

Bridge of Hope 1&2

Bridge of Hope

Guy "accidentally" meets girl. Guy falls for girl. Guy attempts to toast babe and babe rejects him more times than I have teeth. Eventuallyyyyyy babe agrees to go on a date with guy and boom! babe falls for guy. And... all thi...



A completely independent sort of semi-sequel to the movie, "Games Men Play", this movie is the definition of a classic 2000s Nollywood movie (or as close to a classic as we've ever come). I say this because the movie never gets...