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poisoned bait

“The One That Got Away”: Poisoned Bait Season 1 Review

What happens, when the richer, cuter ex-lover comes along on your wedding day!?I have watched enough Hollywood movies that end with this scenario, so I was obviously intrigued by a TV show that answered my questions of “and t...

Loosing Control

It’s a Gender Switch in iRokoTV’s Losing Control. Read our review of Episode 1-5!

I recently started watching Korean Dramas – by “recently” I mean two months ago, and by “started watching” I mean I’ve currently seen about 5 or 6 series’ of approximately 20 episodes...

Loosing Control

Upcoming TV Show Alert! Watch the trailer for “Loosing Control”

Iroko TV and Royal Arts Academy partner up to bring us a new television series that will be live on by March 1st, 2015. Loosing Control stars Joseph Benjamin as Kunle, Venita Akpofure as Coco, Mary Lazarus as Uche,...

Stolen Waters

Stolen Waters

After seeing at least two irokotv movie productions we have now begun to notice a trend in these movies which is that they generally start off looking like the most basic, regular storyline and somewhere after the mid-point, an...



Hazeezat is a surprisingly delightful film about an Alhaji's 'other woman' who falls out of favor with him and finds herself in the home of the man who had a crush on her back in uni. The movie follows her story as she falls in...

Raging passion

Raging Passion

A genre we do not get enough of in this new improved modern day Nollywood is ‘romance’. Whatever the reason may be, not many filmmakers seem to be willing to make pure romances anymore, much to the dismay of die-ha...

Scarlet woman

Scarlet Woman

I like that this movie has a theme, and that it sticks closely to this theme. However replace scarlet woman with orphan or osu or something else and the basic formula for these types of films is pretty easy. Prince comes from o...

the code

The Code

Lately I’ve been very reluctant to watch films that surpass two parts. Usually due to the fact that if it exceeds two parts it is usually longer than it needs to be and the story is dragged on unnecessarily. This movie proved...


Sister of Virtue

In as much as I thought it was a good storyline (fairly entertaining and a simple way to spend one's time), I also think it's a bit overdone. To state it simply, it's enough. Let's stop making predictable, overdone stories and ...

brave mind

Brave Mind

Yeh! I'm tired of the hustler babes story line and the man thieving. E don do... there is nothing new that we can do with the storyline. Shall we please move on to better tinz