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Road to Yesterday

Road to Yesterday

Today I fell for the advertising and was prepared to 'Netflix & Chill' to the latest nollywood movie on the world renowned streaming site, Netflix. I was thrilled. It's Genevieve's first production and well... just like everyon...

the department

The Department

The Department is the story of a secret department in a highly successful company which has gained its success by disabling other companies in order to acquire them. All this is done through the efforts of the members in this d...

Darima's Dilemma

Darima’s Dilemma

When a film is unoriginal, it can only be good by doing one of two things: presenting it in a totally new and original manner or introducing completely new dimensions to a well-known story. Otherwise, it’s just a newer, bette...

being mrs elliott

Being Mrs. Elliott

Being Mrs. Elliott is the story of a mix-up that changes four people's lives. Omoni as Mrs. Elliott is returning back to Lagos from finding her husband in a questionable situation in Asaba when she meets Uru's character. The fl...



In this movie, the titular character, Champagne, is the wife to a man who earns a living by sleeping with wealthy women. After so many years of living like this, Champagne decides that enough is enough and urges her husband to ...

30 days in atlanta

30 Days in Atlanta

If Osuofia in London was made in 2014 with two actors instead of one, younger actors instead of an older one, Atlanta instead of London and a love angle instead of an inheritance angle, it would be this movie.

Husband Shopping

Husband Shopping

If you follow Pascal Amanfo movies from his earlier movies to current days, then you know one thing for sure: you never know what to expect with his movies. Today might bring with it the brilliance of “Letters to my mothe...

One Last Word

One Last Word

So this was Eucharia Anunobi’s comeback. While she was great in it, the movie itself wasn’t as great. There were great performances, great production values and great visuals-really really crisp and clear and just all aroun...

matters arising

Matters Arising

In Matters Arising, Ruth Kadiri takes on the typical caricature comedic character. That type that has been brought about and spawned by the success of movies like Jenifa. However even though she might be reminiscent of Jenifa, ...

devil in a dress

Devil In A Dress

This was one of those movies where you hit play on but cannot find the motivation to continue to watch. The story is played out - or so it seems at first glance. The cast consists of the usual culprits and the trailer, synopsis...