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sisters at war

Sisters at War

Somewhere along the lines in the attempt to be too different from everyone and everything else, this movie lost me completely. Sisters at war is the story of two sisters – Jackie Appiah and Okawa Shaznay – who are ...

northern affair

A Northern Affair

Recently we have been barraged by a lot of movies that use a lot of ‘silence’. By ‘silence’ I mean vacant spaces in the transitions from scene to scene or within the scenes themselves where music is lack...

stolen tomorrow

Stolen Tomorrow

I give it to Nollywood! We are the only ones who would be able to tarnish a success in cutting down on the number of movies with numerous parts by making  a one part movie seem longer than ‘a cry for help’. Stolen ...


The Hunters

Before anything, one cannot overemphasize Bernie Anti’s greatness. Having said that, back to the movie. The hunters has a central storyline of a young man born into what seems like a destiny on the wrong side. From concep...

the price

The Price

When I had first read the synopsis of this movie, I had assumed it was your typical love story: boy loves girl, parents disapprove, fiasco for 2 hours, movie ends. Then I read the synopsis again before I watched the movie and i...

crime suspect_new

Crime Suspect

Frank Rajah is known for two things (in my opinion): stealing foreign movies and making suspense flicks. And he does both of them oh-so-well. Well... usually! I don't know what went wrong with this movie. Too little investments...

love tangle

Love Tangle

The ridiculousness of it all made me want to hit my head against a wall, repeatedly. And No! I do not exaggerate. It was just tooooo stupid! Half way through part 2 and I still didn't know what the movie was about. In the end i...



It was a good story, it was a different storyline, it was endearing and all but it was not gripping. I could stand up, go do something else and come back hours later and continue. The fact that I returned to the movie is a good...


Single and Married

If you go in seeking a magnanimous storyline, sorry but you will be disappointed. If you go in seeking to be thrilled, again you will be disappointed. So go in to watch people drive fancy cars, live in pretty houses and wear c...


Trapped in the Game

It seems like he's playing the same roles over and over again (especially for his Made in Ghana movies) and in the movies that he doesn't play the same role, he is not being stretched much. So I probably shouldn't say he is a p...