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being single

Being Single

What is the difference between a movie like "Why Did I Get Married" and a Pastor Bimbo Odukoya sermon? One tells you the story and allows you to extract the message, one tells you the message and permits you to apply your own s...

pregnant oath

Pregnant Oath

This could have been a really good movie. I could have been saying really good things about this movie. If. They. Had. Just. Cut. It. Down. Seriously, this thing has over three different storylines, only marginally connected to...

pot of gold

Pot of Gold

Whoever wrote this must be some kind of sadist. I often complain about Nollywood’s obsession with watching people suffer but even with this one I was enthralled. Warning to those of faint heart, you will cry and cry a lot.

burning bridges

Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges is the story of a modern couple getting ready to get married when the husband-to-be, Louis' best friend comes into the picture. The best friend, Terry, turns out to be a female and at this point every female vie...

caro the shoemaker

Caro The Shoemaker

It took so long to finish this movie, over four weeks, with each part being released slowly. I stuck with it because this movie is nigh on fabulous. This is a perfect example of a story being so good that it transcends visuals ...


Onyinye The Wine Tapper

I absolutely love it when I can identify a writer or director’s work in their films. I love how when you watch a film you can identify who is behind it while still be able to say that it is fresh. Let’s face it, this is the...

birth of evil

Birth Of Evil

In a time where most home videos in Nollywood are evenly split between ‘runz films’ and ‘royal stories’ a return to the original Nollywood movie formula is more than welcome. The movie ‘Birth of Ev...

In Between


IN BETWEEN is an upcoming Nollywood movie directed by Pascal Amanfo and produced by Nkech Destiny O. It stars Nse Ikpe-Etim, Eddie Watson, Emeka Amakaeze, Ken Erics and Esther Audu. IN BETWEEN is an advocacy film in honor of t...

The Illiterate

The Illiterate

For those who have seen this movie, you may or may not (depending on whether or not you've seen the latter) notice the similarities to the iroko partners film "Sister of Virtue".

bank job

The Bank Job

..some other things that didn't make sense like *SPOILER ALERT* how did Empress' character know that a kiss would return his memory? What is this, snow white?