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Husband Shopping

Husband Shopping

If you follow Pascal Amanfo movies from his earlier movies to current days, then you know one thing for sure: you never know what to expect with his movies. Today might bring with it the brilliance of “Letters to my mothe...

devil in a dress

Devil In A Dress

This was one of those movies where you hit play on but cannot find the motivation to continue to watch. The story is played out - or so it seems at first glance. The cast consists of the usual culprits and the trailer, synopsis...

lost in his glory

Lost In His Glory

Sometimes it is just better for a movie to be a home video as opposed to a cinema release especially when it comes to the reviews. The simple fact that you are a cinematic release holds you to higher standards. And even though ...


5 Brides

Nowadays, it seems that all of the production houses I had originally thought could do no wrong are trying as hard as possible to prove that wrong. From the cover, synopsis and intro, 5 brides is a movie that appeals to all you...

the price

The Price

When I had first read the synopsis of this movie, I had assumed it was your typical love story: boy loves girl, parents disapprove, fiasco for 2 hours, movie ends. Then I read the synopsis again before I watched the movie and i...

college girls

College Girls

It's as though she filters for the most absolute ridiculous movies (either that, or those who write the absolutely ridiculous movies target only her).


Deadly Affair

"Don't be fooled, Diane! We're just another married couple trying to iron out our differences" - Majid Michel

king's heart

The King’s Heart

It's a Cinderella story! yes... so why would anyone want to sit through yet another Cinderella story? Because the music grips you... because Mercy is an amazing actress (because we can't remember what Mercy looked like when she...


Best Friends

Venus Film's "Best Friend" is indeed a rip of the 2002 Bollywood movie, Mujhse Dosti Karoge (Will you be my friend?) starring Rani Mukherji, Kareena Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan (on left). I do give them props for adding some aspe...

in the eyes of my husband

In The Eyes Of My Husband

In my opinion, this movie has one of those surreal & extremely unrealistic story lines (especially for the 21st century). And this storyline is usually sold with the 'this is Africa! Anything goes' line that is characteristic o...