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nkoli nwa nsukka

Espeakilekwe Maka Confuse Ga Aduma Kwa!!! Meet Nkoli Nwa Nsukka

you have seen the trailer of Nkoli Nwa Nsukka then you already know that it is no joke at all… Or is it? Produced and directed by Mac Collins Chidebe, Nkoli Nwa Nsukka is an open-eye version of every nollywood village so...

world of lust

World of Lust

There was once a phase of nollywood movies when 4 out of every 5 released home videos were set in the college or university and followed the lives of runs girls or cult boys or the SU’s desperately trying to make it throu...

Twins on Fire 3&4

Twins on Fire

Somebody please gbagbuo (shoot away) this Zubby kid and his so called acting. Whilst you are at it, strike down Chacha's horrible fake accent.



It’s one thing to have a good story, it’s another thing to hold my attention long enough for me to realize that you have a good story line.

stronger than pain

Stronger than Pain

"I'm not drunk! To love my wife, do I need to drink? Look! This woman has gotten me. This woman has enveloped me with her sexual attraction. To be honest with you, Obioma, I have never met any woman who does things to me on bed...

deeper than faces

Deeper than Faces

Old Tchidi Chikere vs. Modern day Tchidi Chikere. There is a difference! You'd have to agree with me. In the olden days (lol... as olden as 2008 can possibly be), Tchidi Chikere had the movies. He had the best love stories. The...

mad sex

Mad Sex

Don't be fooled by the movie title... in fact, I don't even see how the movie has anything to do with sex... that idea was probably only explored once or twice in the entire 2 and a half hours of this movie.

blacbk eauty

Black Beauty

I think it's fair to say that it's about time we stopped telling these stories. I mean, it's 2012 and we're still telling these redundant predictable as hell "Royal Deal" types that that should have died with the Era of Pete E...



-Story: [3 out of 5] I actually really liked the story. It’s entertaining. It’s old fashioned. It’s simple. It’s a tales by moonlight kind of story. There were, however, some little aspects of the movie ...


Loosing You

Definitely an interesting storyline. I'd read it as a book. Listen to it as a 'tale by moonlight' and definitely watch it as a movie because, unlike many other movies these days, it actually has a storyline. Yes! The end might ...