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Love or Something Like that

COMING SOON: Love Or Something Like That

Love or Something Like That is an upcoming movie from Sparrow Productions. The movie is directed by Shirley Frimpong-Manso and produced by Ken Attoh and Shirley. It stars John Dumelo, Joselyn Dumas and O.C Ukeje alongside Chris...

northern affair

A Northern Affair

Recently we have been barraged by a lot of movies that use a lot of ‘silence’. By ‘silence’ I mean vacant spaces in the transitions from scene to scene or within the scenes themselves where music is lack...

lost in his glory

Lost In His Glory

Sometimes it is just better for a movie to be a home video as opposed to a cinema release especially when it comes to the reviews. The simple fact that you are a cinematic release holds you to higher standards. And even though ...

ghetto queen

Ghetto Queen

I saw this film, went meh, clicked on it then skipped to the middle. That’s when things changed. The story was interesting enough that I went back to the beginning and legit started watching it. And I was right, the story is ...

more than friends

More Than Friends

As this was a Rukky Sanda movie, some things were a given. The movie was very predictable. It was entirely unoriginal – in fact it was a copy of the American movie “When Harry Met Sally”, and very shamelessly ...

kingdom on earth

Kingdom On Earth

It’s yet another story of a rich prince falling for a poor girl against the advice of overly aristocratic and snobbish parents, but with a twist this time. The question is, is the twist fascinating enough that one should ...

Blind Lust

Blind Lust

The plot was necessarily orginal and I sat through the whole mivue supringsinlgy. The only thing that killed me was the acting. The only two people who could actually act were John Dumelo and Jackie Appiah but even this film dd...

letters to my mother

Letters To My Mother

Like I said earlier, the thing is that you never know what exactly is happening in a Pascal movie until the end and you might dare to guess but odds are your guess might be wrong, but it might also be right. I won't call this m...

haunted house

Haunted House

One genre that’s not too common in Nollywood is Horror (exempting maybe Juju films)! So it’s not surprising that I went into this movie with mixed expectations. A horror movie starring Ebi Bright and John Dumelo and...

crime suspect_new

Crime Suspect

Frank Rajah is known for two things (in my opinion): stealing foreign movies and making suspense flicks. And he does both of them oh-so-well. Well... usually! I don't know what went wrong with this movie. Too little investments...