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COMING SOON: Interception

INTERCEPTION is an upcoming Ghanaian action film starring Adjetey Anang, John Dumelo, Chris Attoh, Ama K. Abebrese, Jasmine Baroudi, Benny Blanco and Pascal Aka. The movie is directed by Pascal Aka written by Nina Lalwani,...

single married and complicated

Single, Married & Complicated

We began the review for the prequel to this movie by saying "[i]f you go in seeking a magnanimous storyline, sorry but you will be disappointed. If you go in seeking to be thrilled, again you will be disappointed. So go in to w...

changing tides

Changing Tides

Changing Tides is literally the story of a poor girl meets rich guy who somehow falls for her and they somehow end up happily ever after. I mean this movie is word for word, line for line, every cliche about boy-meets-girl meet...

Love or Something Like that

Love or Something Like That

We are way past the initial fervor of a select few filmmakers actually being able to make quality movies. Currently we are at the point where we realize that even the greats are not infallible. Therefore, whenever you are prepa...

poisoned bait

“The One That Got Away”: Poisoned Bait Season 1 Review

What happens, when the richer, cuter ex-lover comes along on your wedding day!?I have watched enough Hollywood movies that end with this scenario, so I was obviously intrigued by a TV show that answered my questions of “and t...

Don't play that game

Don’t Play That Game

It's puzzling how the Venus Films crew (i.e Frank Rajah, Abdul Salam Mumuni, etc.) manage to make the same movie over and over again, with the same cast over and over again, since the days of 4 Play without any significant chan...

northern affair

A Northern Affair

Recently we have been barraged by a lot of movies that use a lot of ‘silence’. By ‘silence’ I mean vacant spaces in the transitions from scene to scene or within the scenes themselves where music is lack...

lost in his glory

Lost In His Glory

Sometimes it is just better for a movie to be a home video as opposed to a cinema release especially when it comes to the reviews. The simple fact that you are a cinematic release holds you to higher standards. And even though ...

ghetto queen

Ghetto Queen

I saw this film, went meh, clicked on it then skipped to the middle. That’s when things changed. The story was interesting enough that I went back to the beginning and legit started watching it. And I was right, the story is ...

more than friends

More Than Friends

As this was a Rukky Sanda movie, some things were a given. The movie was very predictable. It was entirely unoriginal – in fact it was a copy of the American movie “When Harry Met Sally”, and very shamelessly ...