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i think he loves me

I Think He Loves Me

After seeing so many movies there are some trends you begin to notice. After a while these recurring trends become less of trends and simply become unoriginal and they happen most often in romantic movies. However, even more a...


Blood Or Wine

Asides from the blatant similarity between this movie and the 2008 movie ‘Fireproof‘, the movie also fails to impress in many critical aspects. Blood or wine tells the story of a couple at the brink of a divorce, a ...

Last Flight To Abuja

Last Flight To Abuja

Watching so many Nollywood movies has taught me one thing: "go in with as little expectations as possible if you intend to leave happy" and that's exactly what I did, and I did leave happy thank you very much.


COMING SOON: Learning Curves

Directed by Ndu Scott and produced by Chris Odeh, “Learning Curves” is a satirical comedy that explores the interactions and conflicts between 5 first year students at a fictional university. LEARNING CURVES is a co...


The King’s Search

So, the movie starts, the soundtrack's playing, opening credits are rolling and I'm reading it and just thinking "damn, this is a very good cast". Not once did I wonder who made the movie. I just thought it'd be a fair enough m...


Behind The Melody

Didn't understand some of the 'things' they had Ini wearing. Can we please look at a person's body type before we straddle them in fabric? Something about good for the goose and not for the gander

stolen will

Stolen Kiss

-Story: [3 out of 5] Taking the story as what it is and forgetting the fact that a million and one other people have made (not different deviations) but the same exact movie a million times over, I am forced to acknowledge that...


The Phobia

Please Muna abeg, realize your worth and stop acting all those yeye-lites (uselessness') in the name of "Dirty Secret" and kiniko kiniko (such and such) that you've been acting in of late. THIS is where you belong. I was most i...

beyonce and rihanna

Beyonce & Rihanna

There is such a thing as too much drama... All this! Is doing too much. Seriously? What was the logic behind this movie...

royal fantasy

Royal Fantasy

Ok! The first two parts: prince loves girl, girl goes abroad to get education, girl comes back with white man in the guise of research partner, everyone waits for prince to marry, so that prince number two can marry too, girl d...