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a night with the king

A Night with the King

I dislike everything about this movie; I was actively infuriated by its clichés and unoriginality. I hate the characters so much, I hated the story, and I hated the concept. Man, I had a bad day when I watched this and it cert...

journey of tears

Journey of Tears

Journey of Tears has the appeal of a family home video, it starts off with a family and the story is generally family oriented, until it really isn’t. It tells the story of a not very average family living in a not very a...

agony of a princess

Agony of A Princess

This film was literally agony to get through. Slow, dry, it dragged and some of its plot elements were frankly ridiculous. I still have not watched it to the end because of how annoying it got. Who do you think is to blame when...

Mercy Johnson

Brave Orphan

In this era where Nigerian movies are being shown in the cinemas and standards are being raised to critical acclaim some things shouldn’t be encouraged. One of such is this movie. I think it shouldn’t have been made...

Playing Safe

Playing Safe

The revival of cinema culture in Nollywood is one that is much commended, however, am I the only one that was hoping that this would be an avenue that highlights only the best in Nollywood? Thinking a movie went to cinemas, in ...

dirty diamond

Dirty Diamond

All other supporting actors did fair enough jobs, some of the extras were horrendous and asides from the near-absolute lack of originality and the entire predictability of the whole shindig, Dirty Diamond is a fair enough film ...


Action King

Just when you think someone on the other side must have also realized by now that Nollywood has exhausted all possible ‘royal’ movies, they come out with ‘Action King’. The dominant question while watchi...

Chika Ike

Cry of a Maiden

It’s hard to hate a movie that is the answer to your prayers! Those who have seen the movie might begin to wonder ‘what prayers?’ Let me rephrase. After seeing so many pointless gigolo versus babes movie upon...

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When Kings Decide

I won't say Ugezu can't act per say because he keeps giving himself the same 'igbotic' roles to play in all his movies so I highly doubt that he's doing much acting versus being himself. Infact, I don't think his acting capacit...


The Kingdom

Watch it! You don't have to watch the entire movie but I don't see how you won't find something about the movie to enjoy