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Candle in the wind

COMING SOON: Candle In The Wind

Candle In The Wind is an upcoming Ghanaian movie starring Jackie Appiah, James Gardiner, Christabel Ekeh, Michelle Hammond, Helen Asante, Timothy Bentum among others. The movie was produced by Abdul Salam Mumuni and directed b...

it takes two

It Takes Two

A few things just right off the bat. Let's just be petty and list the obvious on screen factors. We have another light skinned Ghanaian actor here that nobody (well most of us) knows his name. This guy apparently has a problem ...

the best man

The Best Man

“There are two kinds of pain. The sort of pain that makes you strong, or useless pain. The sort of pain that’s only suffering. I have no patience for useless things” – Francis Underwood (House of Cards. ...

Don't play that game

Don’t Play That Game

It's puzzling how the Venus Films crew (i.e Frank Rajah, Abdul Salam Mumuni, etc.) manage to make the same movie over and over again, with the same cast over and over again, since the days of 4 Play without any significant chan...

broken mirror

Broken Mirror

Broken Mirror has the makings of a really luxurious car at the auction. From the outside it all seems quite spectacular, and even inside it has all the basic makings: the seats, the steering, the brakes, however, all the extra ...

sisters at war

Sisters at War

Somewhere along the lines in the attempt to be too different from everyone and everything else, this movie lost me completely. Sisters at war is the story of two sisters – Jackie Appiah and Okawa Shaznay – who are ...

turning point

Turning Point

Turning Point is an unconventional tale. Unconventional in the sense that technically it is a nollywood USA movie however it manages to circumvent all the annoyances and pitfalls of that ‘genre?’. Turning Point is t...



After seeing so many Venus Films Productions, I have come to the conclusion that any other reasonable person would which is that Venus Films has been making the same movie for a couple years now, over and over again, with diffe...


Cheaters Book 2

There are useless movies and there are useless movies and then there is this movie. After the first few minutes of the second in the “cheaters” series you are begging to be rescued. Making it past the first ten minu...



Whilst reading the script of this movie, I had great expectations. I had a list of expectations that probably included words like sophistication, grandeur, mind-blowing, pace-setting and the likes. And after actually having see...