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knocking on heaven's door - official

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Knocking on Heaven's Door tells the story of a talented female gospel star - played ever so gracefully by the surprising Adesua Etomi - who leads a contradictory life. On the outside she appears like the perfect christian with ...


Kosiso (Voice of the Poor)

There’s just something about these family movies. They have a way of keeping you seated for the length of the movie – when done right – even though you knew at the start of the movie exactly how it was going t...

the perfect plan

COMING SOON: The Perfect Plan

THE PERFECT PLAN is an upcoming movie starring Joseph Benjamin, Ini Edo, Gloria Young, Kehinde Olorunyomi, Frankincense Eche-Ben, and Keira Hewatch. It is directed by Kabat Esosa Egbon and set to release soon on SYN...

Ekaette goes to school

Ekaette Goes To School

This movie starts off slow but it gains momentum and holds you captive. Funny and interesting with a side of advocacy this is the second education-is-good film that Ini Edo is doing however this is miles better than the other o...

Before God& Man poster

Before God And Man

What happened to those cute little love stories that Nollywood used to mass produce like they were going out of style? Now everything must be complicated and over the top. I originally thought that this movie was going to be Ci...

Keeping My Man

Keeping My Man

Keeping my man genuinely attempts to recreate a scenario that depicts modern day marital problems amongst the ‘twenty first century couple’. However, it comes off mostly as a wannabe “Why did I get married too...

all that glitters

All That Glitters

In most African nations they tend to be adages about every other thing, so I’m almost entirely certain that out there somewhere is an adage that goes something like one must first learn to crawl before he walks and to run...

Desperate Housegirls_a

Desperate Housegirls

After reading the title of this movie, here’s something I really didn’t expect to be saying at the end, “I really enjoyed that movie” and here’s why… On seeing the title it doesn’t real...


Paint My Life

Mental illness in Nigeria is still a taboo subject, still something that is viewed as caused by ‘those in the village’ and still not talked about or addressed. In Nollywood, filmmakers have taken to the subject sometimes su...

Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway

The highlight of the entire movie had to be, without a doubt, the ‘electric slide’ dance by the cast and crew. The moment was of course reminiscent of Emem Isong’s “Reloaded” from five years ago. T...