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before 30

Upcoming TV Show Alert!!! Watch the trailer for “Before 30″ on NR

Before 30 is a TV show coming out in March 2015 and it stars Damilola Adegbite, Beverly Naya, Meg Otanwa, Anee Icha, O.C Ukeje, Gideon Okeke, Karibi Fubara, Patrick Diabuah, Patrick Doyle, Zainab Balogun, Tunbosun Aiyedehin, V...

Loosing Control

It’s a Gender Switch in iRokoTV’s Losing Control. Read our review of Episode 1-5!

I recently started watching Korean Dramas – by “recently” I mean two months ago, and by “started watching” I mean I’ve currently seen about 5 or 6 series’ of approximately 20 episodes...

30 days in atlanta

30 Days in Atlanta

If Osuofia in London was made in 2014 with two actors instead of one, younger actors instead of an older one, Atlanta instead of London and a love angle instead of an inheritance angle, it would be this movie.

pot of gold

Pot of Gold

Whoever wrote this must be some kind of sadist. I often complain about Nollywood’s obsession with watching people suffer but even with this one I was enthralled. Warning to those of faint heart, you will cry and cry a lot.



Folly is the story of a seemingly dysfunctional family of three - one mother and two daughters. The mother, played by Joke Silva, spots alcohol as her favorite accessory much to the dismay of her...

farmer's bride

Farmer’s Bride

Let me summarise what I’m going to say in over almost 500 words, in one short and sweet sentence. This is dry. The plot synopsis is interesting even though there isn’t much originality. There are a thousand and one romance ...

shirley frimpong-manso

Be Inspired! Watch as Shirley Frimpong tells her story!

Shirley Frimpong Manso is the Ghanaian director and producer behind movies like “A Sting in a tale” and “Checkmate” as well as series like “The Adams Apples” and “V Republic”. In ...

Loosing Control

Upcoming TV Show Alert! Watch the trailer for “Loosing Control”

Iroko TV and Royal Arts Academy partner up to bring us a new television series that will be live on by March 1st, 2015. Loosing Control stars Joseph Benjamin as Kunle, Venita Akpofure as Coco, Mary Lazarus as Uche,...

burning bridges

Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges is the story of a modern couple getting ready to get married when the husband-to-be, Louis' best friend comes into the picture. The best friend, Terry, turns out to be a female and at this point every female vie...

The Different Types of Nollywood Movies EXPLAINED

How can the same industry that gives us “The Meeting” churn out something like “Blackberry Babes”? So what is this whole made-in-America movie thing about? Is that still nollywood? And why do we call her...